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Forget Reality, Do What Makes you Feel Good.


 Dennis L. Blewit, activist

            I received a call a few weeks ago from a client who was arrested for a driving under the influence of alcohol office.  He was extremely concerned and explained to me that he was a retired school administrator he wasn’t drunk, but he was seen leaving a bar..  He called the next day and cancelled.  He was extremely apologetic and was concerned about missing his app ointment.  He said he had the flu.

I then received a call from another client who told me that the man had been taken to the hospital and was in the emergency room.  I told him to tell our friend to not worry and get well.  The next call I received was to inform me that my client, at age 65 was dead.  He contracted MRSA in the blood stream, which caused his untimely demise.  He was a CU basketball player whose jersey number   was retired.  He was only one of two such players honored.  He was 65.

And I am outraged.  He died of  MRSA, (methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus)   n antibiotic resistant staph infection, caught when the blood-skin boundary is breached.  Although this generally occurs in a hospital, the accused client checked into the hospital because he had the disease.  The only known violation of the skin was when the police drew his blood to obtain evidence against him so that he could be prosecuted and feed mercilessly into the privatized predators of industry that has been built upon the misery of the poor and unfortunate, encouraged by our corrupt court system. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) there were estimated 94,360 MRSA infections (invasive) in the US with approx. 18,650 deaths.  The same Governmental agency also reports that in 2010,  10,228 people were killed in alcohol-impaired driving crashes, accounting for  nearly one-third (31%) of all traffic-related deaths in the United States.

NTSB, in an example of what Max Weber would call “bureaucratic empire building” now wants the alcohol cut-off line lowered, allowing more citizens to be put at risk from MRSA infections.  Notice also that CDC mentions “impaired” and not “drunk.”  It is also interesting that those dependent upon the predatory system label incidents as “alcohol related” not alcohol caused.  This is misleading and if a non-police or non-prosecutor described an incident in such a way, he would be corrected by the judge and even possibly charged with perjury.  But with MADD on your side, a person is more powerful than truth, science, logic or reason.  Carry Nation lives and instead or breaking up stills and smashing booze, they murder citizens with infectious diseases.

To me 19,000 MRSA deaths compared to 10,000 deaths involving “impairment” is a no-brainer.  The problem is that it is easy to pick upon the working class who has the occasional beer than the medical or police establishment who act as though they have a license to kill.  This has become relatively easy with the destruction of the Constitution for the sake of expedience and protection.

In our post-modern society, with its constructed reality, the powerful or rulers get to construct the reality.  It is easy for them to invent and magnify piss-ant issues into giagantic problems through propaganda, while ignoring the really complex issues that need some planning and thought.  You can’t sent a bridge maker to rehab for building a bridge that kills several people when collapsing.  Likewise, a hospital can’t be sent to a program when they don’t properly disinfect.  So, we blow up big problems, publicize their importance and brag how we solved them.  Look at the war on drugs, terror, gangs and guns, for instance.  Most of these problems are structural and require long term planning and thought.

I have had clients that are homeless, jailed for not following up on expensive testing and classes.  I often wondered how a self-righteous judge would react if a program were to cost him or her 50% of annual disposable income.  However, that occurs all the time.  It is easy for an ignoramous to tell someone to get a job, ignoring mental illness, homelessness, disabilities, etc.  Most judges are ex prosecutors who have never had to interact with people except for cops and wanna be’s.  The solution, likes the Reagan’s “just say no” is simple.  Comply with the order of court or else.  Pay or else.  Rob, beg, steal or prostitute if necessary to pay fines and for private programs based upon voodoo science.

For years, there has been evidence that “experts” have exaggerated or perjured themselves in DUI prosecutions.  However, since these same liars present seminars to the Judges, they are allowed a pass.  After all, it is better to dunk 100 innocents than to allow one witch to survive.  Twenty years ago, a report stated that there was a 30% error rate in Federal forensic labs.  However, the judges would not recognize the reports without the defense calling a paying for expert witnesses to research and testify to the same.  Even the dullest Federal judges knew that the crack-coke discrimination was racist, but they put a burden on defense to commission statistical surveys and present evidence, while they took judicial notice of the fabrications of Government experts.  Now, in Colorado, the state Department of Health lab has lost its certification and its “expert forensic chemist” who did not have a chemistry degree fired.  Local labs have been profitably providing DUI kits to police and sheriffs which do not comply with FDA standards on records, chemical reliability, formula compliance and cleanliness.  This scandal, like the racket run by the Pennsylvania judge regarding incarcerating juveniles in his private prison, has been ignored.  It has not even been a result of benign neglect.  It has been deliberate.  And, things will get worse, the more the failures are exposed.  Instead of address them, they stifle, arrest, persecute or kill the messengers.  Whistle-blowers, reporters and other concerned citizen, who want to let the sunshine are being harassed like never before.

Since we are conditioned by the press to believe that  inefficient government is the enemy, we can deny the government the resources to solve these problems.  Instead, we can generae hysteria over a simple problem and flaggelate the problem to death, screwing the disadvantaged I the process.  First we believe, then we see.  As long as we can demonize drunk drivers, we can ignore the collapse of roads, bridges, truthful labs and honest cops that we have sacrificed for the sake of expediency, efficiency and convenience.  We have entered the age of the simple mind, fueled by the frustrations and complexity of a modern society.  Ignorance is bliss, except if you are poor.

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