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DENNIS L. Blewitt, J.D. Feb, 2015

            One of the lessons I learned from doing peer reviews for an International Drug Policy Journal is that we, in the U. S. are different in formulating and implementing drug policy.  The Europeans and most of the rest of the world is enlightened with “Evidence Based Policy” Not here!  We have public relations based policy.  Evidence and science are immaterial to the formulation of policy.  Instead, our rulers decide what is good for us, start a propaganda campaign, and enact legislation to comply with the manufactured desire of the People.  They have absolute no understanding of democratic principles nor a sense of justice.

The most recent example which shows the arrogance of our rulers is the treatment of the mayor of Washington, D.C.  Members of the U.S. Congress threatened the mayor of D.C. with prison if she implemented the will of the people of her city.  Tired of the creeping dictatorship caused by the drug war, the D, C, citizens passed a referendum de-criminalizing the use of Marijuana.  It didn’t legalize the stuff per se, but took away draconian penalties associated with its use.  There is one problem with the ordinance.  The majority of the population of that city are non-white, or as the rulers like to say, minorities.  But, unlike many other regions, 88% of the population have at least a high school diploma.  \         But, they are still the servants of the rich and the rulers.  As such, they must be taught to know their place.  Or so say the flat earther anti-science politicians in our nation’s capital.  These deniers of most reality, who supported filling prisons for the benefit of their corporate buddies, zero tolerance, to cut off debate and better dictate, radical wingnuts, afraid of any change and particularly if it threatens their white supremest views have now denied science, and representative government.  The congress has even gone so far as threatening the duly elected mayor of D.C. with prison if she implemented the will of the people by complying with the law that citizens passed.  This is supreme arrogance and not even thinly veiled racism.

Not burdened by science or evidence, Congress members threatened a duly elected leader, just like they do leaders of our puppet states abroad.  Do they think they can treat their home city with the lack of respect shown to leaders of countries?  Of course, they do.  Their arrogance and disdain has lasted centuries and shows signs of only getting worse.  Democracy is an obstacle to efficiently run government, just like Hitler and Mussolini said.

The people in Washington can exercise their vote and independence as long as the Governmental officials and rulers approve and disagree.  However, if they try to think, they have to be put down.  Next these people will be teaching that the sun does not revolve around the earth, the earth is not flat, creative design is a myth, and the rich aren’t omnipotent and omniscient.  This must be stopped.  Instead of a discussion, there were threats from a grandstanding bully.  All kinds of things could have been done, but Jail?  We have the highest incarceration rate in the world because of the dumbasses in Congress don’t think or lead.  They follow the will of the corporate masters who fantasize about their power, using threats just because they can.  Voting won’t stop this.  The only way to curtail such arrogance is to publicly confront their stupidity and boycott the products of the PAC donors.

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