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Harry Nier – Gone But Not Forgotten…At Least By Those Who Knew Him

I met Harry as an undergrad. When I started my law practice, he was extremely helpful along with Rudy Schware, Gene Dykman and Walt Gerash. Before they tore it down, I used to have lunch with Harry and Gene at least weekly at the Cosmopolitan Hotel restaurant. He was a passionate advisor to the fair play for Cuba activists in the 60’s I will miss a dear friend.

View from the Left Bank: Rob Prince's Blog

Harry Nier - third on the left with the sign September, 1979 – Harry Nier – third on the left with the sign “No rate hikes, cut the cost of utilities.” Immediately behind him, part hidden, Elaine Schmidt; behind her Dick Ayre. In front of Harry, Danny Graul, leading the pack with the sign “PSC stockholders get profits, PSC users get fuel cost adjustments” is Jack Galvin.

The news came to me this evening that Denver lawyer, a lifelong socialist, secular Jew, with a particular love and knowledge of Fidel Castro’s Cuba, died this past Monday. I do not know the details beyond the fact that Harry suffered from Alzheimers for these past 4-5 years and that the condition overwhelmed him in the end. I believe that he was about 90 years of age.

The last time I saw Harry was at a Middle Eastern restaurant about five years ago on South Colorado Blvd, known to locals as “The Gaza…

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  1. I know this isn’t my writing, but he has been a friend since 1962. He, Gene Dykeman and Walter Gerash were members of the old guard fighting against McCarthyism and instramental in launching my career.


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