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Politics of Drug War

Corporation’s Power over Courts and the People

June, 2015

        In Law School, one of my professors quipped, “you can learn all the law in the world, but never underestimate the power of a good bribe.” I was new to the Chicago area at that time and just treated the statement as another regional cynicism. I was naïve, right out of grad school and from a rural area originally. I believed I was going east to law school since it was my first time east of the Mississippi River. However, classmates from the East Coast believed they were going west. I guess that’s why the area is called the Midwest.

Four decades later, I reflect on that pearl of wisdom of that comment, marveling at how insightful it was. After years of studying criminology, social theory and structure, particularly observing organized crime and other deviant ways, as well as law, I think I now understand. Unfortunately, I don’t think the professor did. He was just being sarcastic, I am serious.

There has been many articles written about corruption, official misdeeds, and other things that people see on a daily basis. Most people don’t seem concerned because these things don’t concern them. They care about murder, assault, robbery, theft, drugs, and gays. Things like illegal war profiteering, stock fraud, bankruptcy fraud and large scale theft from the public don’t count. Those things concern other people, not them. Many people believe that if they can enjoy their joint, the world can end for all they care.

When Chambliss, a criminologist at University of Washington, found that the Seattle police department was the equivalent of the mafia in that city, they banished the messenger. He is now located on the East Coast. When protesters were beaten, too bad. It wasn’t until the legalization debate of medical marijuana started that some persons showed concern. Meanwhile, a draconian and fabricated crime of driving while intoxicated by drugs was invented, using green tongue legend as an excuse.

In many cases, the people have spoken and the government has told them to piss up a rope. States have legalized marijuana, but officials ignore the will of the people, like the government did when 70 % of the public was against the war in Viet Nam. They don’t care and think we are all idiots anyway.

The Colorado Supreme Court just shot an insult to the people of the state of Colorado in the Dish Network case. The Court ruled that an administrative policy could force citizens to abandon their constitutional rights, jobs, health, happiness and well-being to a corporation told to enforce a policy which the Government itself could not.

Imagine if the Government stated that you had to sign consent to have blood and other fluids drawn which could indicate the commission of a crime. No way. However, that is what the government has done under the guise of a drug-free workplace. Dish Network forced employees to submit to drug testing and, if evidence of use appeared, lose their jobs. That happened to a quadriplegic employee of Dish Network who showed a positive result when he used recommended marijuana to help with seizures. He used the substance at home and there was no indication that it affected his job performance. The State Supreme Court, in an anything but brilliant ruling, stated that the law is the law and the peasant could go to hell, because the big corporation counts and he doesn’t. The Court refused to recognize or even discuss a state Constitutional amendment or the implications of a corporation denying rights on behalf of the U.S. Government.

How did this happen. Well, the answer is corruption, plain and simple. The judiciary is used to protecting the despots and plutocrats. They don’t like marijuana, and since they are rich, they must be right, or at least keep the judges in power. Science doesn’t matter. Justice doesn’t matter. Fairness doesn’t matter. All that matters to these mental midgets is that, like the German judges in Hitler’s administration, they follow the law, and sign the deportation and death warrants, paying no heed to the policy, or justice of the decision. The Krupps and Messerschmidts were paying salaries and were not to be crossed. Jews had no power and could be gassed and no-one of any import could do anything practical to stop them. That was because all the mechanisms of government and commerce were run by corporate interests or those who aspired to the same.

In this country, we have allowed the police to be self-funding. It could not have been done without the conspiratorial participation of the judges and prosecutors. Why doesn’t someone object, you may ask? That is complicated, but basically it is a function of social standing and class. The mechanism became abundantly clear to me at a gathering in a Denver hotel in which marijuana laws were discussed. Next door to that meeting was a gala event for the State judges. I ran into one such friendly colleague in the restroom, who ventured that I wasn’t there as a retired member of the judiciary. Maybe my lack of sports coat tipped him off. So, I tagged along to his event to check it out.

The event was for judges and sponsors only. There were tables sold to large law firms and advertising and propaganda by the multi-state and corporate firms all over. They was sponsorship by corporate prison interests, and the exploitative private phone systems that extort money from the poor. No Union or other proletariat symbols there. Ordinary people could not afford the Thousand Dollar tables. So, to whom do the judges get exposed and indoctrinated by. Not the workers. Not the servants. Not the middle managers. No, the elite rich who spend the evening bleating about their problems in an effort to get their paid for audience to identify and commensurate with them. Corporate executives don’t whine about the costs of college for their kids, they bitch about taxes and the rising power of the unwashed. They don’t talk about the plight of the poor, but instead become delusional about welfare queens and retirees who drain pension funds from the shareholders.

Prejudices are reinforced and the perspective of the judges is that of the elite and privileged. Hence, they can be self-righteous about offenses committed in desperate acts of survival. Obviously, god made these people to be punished or he wouldn’t have made them poor. The big firms have no inkling of what problems face the people. All they know is that sometimes the peasants cause disruption and disturb their golf matches or sporting events. So, some idiot judge can lecture a peasant about pulling himself up by bootstraps without a clue of the hardships involved because he saw some at the country club recover from a bankruptcy. Or, some legislator can pass a law to add to some fees because the legislator doesn’t know anyone in his or her social circle that can’t come up with $25.00

Now we get a ruling by a group that are in the top 10 percent of wage earners and in the top 3% of asset holders. They can glibly say that the law is the law and the peasant must suffer, because they know no better. They believe that they aren’t getting paid enough to think and analyze. There was absolute no discussion in Coates v Dish Network about the state Constitution, the hardship on the worker, the fairness of the ruling, or even justice. The ruling class is conditioned against that kind of thinking. That is for the serfs and slaves, not for the gentry. Besides, if these things are examined, then the conduct of the police and the profiteering of the Prison scammers would have to be examined. Then, they would have to look at the perjury allowed by the state toxicologist which could free thousands of blacks, Hispanics and rednecks now locked in our goals. No, better to make a bad ruling and show people who is the boss than make a well-reasoned one and give some people the idea that they might actually have some power. It is obvious that the poor don’t count or have any power. Otherwise, the rulers couldn’t condemn 6 million of them to confinement as a lesson to others who might expect fairness or who may get out of line. As long as the judges participate in locking up multitudinous people, the ruling class can rely on fear to keep the peasantry under control. But one has to wonder, “What happens when these people have nothing to lose?” In the meantime, the rulers can rule, ignoring precedent, Constitutional amendment by the people, any intellectual discussion, not worrying about appearing moronic. These emperors with no clothes lack any modicum of modesty, feeling no need to clothe their ignorance or shallow reasoning because it doesn’t matter. The system is based upon bribery and the people have nothing with which to bribe.  The police are allowed to fund themselves with official blessing.

So I return to the beginning. What is the power of a bribe? Napoleon noted the benefit of medals to the ignorant and ass kissers. Does the bribe of the good life buy ignorance? Does it buy superficial performance? Does it buy lack of understanding? Who knows? I do know this. We need some changes. We need to examine policies. We need to investigate fairness and consequences of ill thought policies. We need to reconsider taxation and letting the rich get an essentially free ride while ridiculing the poor for not being born right and financially oppressing. We need to make it a crime for an official to lie to a citizen, the same as it is for a citizen to lie to an official. We need to put officials in peril for illegal conduct like other criminals. Either abolish confiscation and forfeiture or apply it equally. All fines and forfeiture must be paid to the general fund, not for interest groups pet projects. Press should be subject to anti-trust laws to promote freedom and prevent indoctrination. Airwaves should become a public trust completely and must provide political information free of charge instead of making elections obscenely costly, benefitting the plutocrats. That is just for starts.  But none of this will occur if the public stays as ignorant as is now the case.  It is not patriotic to follow propaganda, it is patriotic to lead.

Please give me feedback on this one.

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