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This is the headline that will never occur

POLICE BAG ANOTHER UNIVERSITY STUDENT TROPHY, BLAME NUDITY AND BAD LSD AS CAUSE. This is a headline that did not appear in any local or national paper. The police orgy of violence in this country is not confined to just urban areas. In another execution of a University of Colorado student, Boulder police have justified the murder of another student with the explanation of fear for life (student naked and armed with a hammer one story away) and bad drugs. The student executed in may supposedly had bad peyote, this one alleged bad LSD. It is unclear if the police perceived the threat of the naked hammer wielding student as the hammer or an erection, but in any event, he is dead at age 22. Unlike the execution of an Elk in Boulder, the people haven’t expressed much outrage or concern.
I have studied the question of police brutality and police murder since living on skid row in the 60’s. Larimer street was inhabited by the less fortunate; addicts, alcoholics, disabled veterans, crazies and beatniks. I leave it to the reader to determine my category. I observed, experienced and studied brutality over decades. However, the growth and acceptance of such conduct is new. It makes absolutely no sense to me. I have been involved with the criminal justice system for over a half century and what I see today defies reason or logic. I can’t remember police killing citizens for the first 30 years of my practice. They may have been over zealous in some of their tactics, but such was a rarity and confined to certain areas. These were locales that police were assigned to as a form of punishment. Police I’ve known and worked with were tough, but not animals. They were brave, not cowards. Most believed in a crude concept of justice and generally considered themselves a part of a community. They were part of the citizenry, not outside occupying army of thugs. It is bewildering, to the point of frustration. Each time I read of a police murder or brutal beating, I read that the officer was just following his training or procedures. One has to wonder about both the training and the procedures, especially since the rationalizations are similar to the ones used by Hitler’s thugs at Nuremburg. I wonder why it now works here, but not in Germany 70 years ago. Has our sense of morality and justice deteriorated beyond the depravity of the Nazis?
I believe one great difference between then and now is that when I first started out, the wrongdoers knew they were wrong, not self-righteously indignant. This is stranger than the acts of brutality and sadism. The police I worked with were at least embarrassed when they were wrong. They didn’t use lame excuses that judges and prosecutors parrot today which displays their arrogant ignorance. Our whole society is either sociopathic or insane. In any event, what is happening is not good for us. I will attempt a simplistic analysis that even our officials can understand. I have avoided consulting Tarot cards, soothsayers, psychics, and flat earth believers, as well as the hide-bound worshippers of mythological beliefs” such as free enterprise or markets.
I see a concerted attempt to negate a centuries old tradition of social contract, based upon a revisionist, simplistic view of history. True believers espouse free enterprise which has never existed. Since recorded history, there has been no such thing. Every enterprise from Rome on needed the permission of a lord to exist; mills, farms, hunters, fishers, tanners, etc. Even markets needed some form of charter to exist. The industrial revolution changed that, but did not abolish the concept of permission to engage in enterprise. When my ancestors invested in East India Company, the company had a charter from the Crown. The same was true for Plymouth, Virginia, and Massachusetts Bay Companies. All things needed some form of permission, including privateers or pirates, who received Letters of Marque and Reprisal from a crown, viceroy, governor or other official. From this century’s long tradition, custom and common law evolved. To change that fact, instruments of learning or knowledge needed to be captured and revised to fit the convenience of the new lords who accept neither history nor science.
The rich pooled their money to recreate a convenient reality in which business rules supreme and the only reason for existence. There was no social contract and the only obligation of a business entity was to the “Lord Profit.” There was no obligation to anything else, including a sovereign. Ideology was refined and transmitted as myth that sovereigns or governments were bad, businesses good. Efficiency was the only value on which to build a society. Markets existed and regulated things in a Darwinist fashion which was good for all (especially the rich and privileged). To make things more efficient, business started to encroach on the traditional areas of government, but which were answerable to stockholders and not citizens. Corporations functioned without courts. Privatized neo-government entities, either had no courts or ignored inconvenient rulings that conflicted with efficiency or profit. With that attitude, citizens became prey and fair game for anyone with more power. The poor were reduced to modern day slaves.
Fact. Participatory democracy or government is inefficient, wasteful and slow. Much taxpayer money could be saved when Government is run efficiently. Trials are expensive. Investigations are expensive. Law enforcement is expensive. Education is expensive. However, the flat earthers have a remedy. Deny, deny, deny. Trust the market, trust the leaders, trust businessmen, but don’t trust civil servants. Forget collateral damage in the war for efficiency. So now we kill people on the altar of efficiency. Obedience and zero tolerance are the tools used to exert absolute and totalitarian control. They preclude debate and allow for absolute and arbitrary rules. Principles have nothing to do with behavior or conduct. Things may not be fair, but they sure are efficient. Things are great if one is an oligarch, but the peasantry doesn’t fare so well. Unfortunately, the world view is false, based upon mythology and ignorance.
Beginning in the 80’s, a new mantra, as expressed in the movie “Godfather,” became the new rule. “You have to understand, it’s only business,” was coined in the business world to justify lying, cheating, stealing, and even murder. Somehow, this became normative. It was about this time that the Supreme Court ruled that the only obligation was to make money, destroying the rationale of the corporate entity and centuries of precedent. With this new view, we are controlled by unprincipled sociopaths, who take from the people like a hoard of locusts producing nothing but excrement on which we can feast.
To maintain power, the elite market fear. Like medieval barons, they make war on everyone and everything. War on poverty, war on Communism, war on crime, war on drugs, cold war and hot war, resulting in war on the people. We are conditioned to believe that the world will end if we aren’t in a constant state of war. Unfortunately, wars need an enemy and we, the people, have become that enemy. As the enemy, we are viewed with suspicion and as a potential threat. This belief and attitude has permeated the system to this day. Government is not by or of the people. It is of and for the rich and powerful. They keep us at bay with a police force, loyal to rulers and not the people. Most have been brainwashed by the Corporate rulers to accept an apocalyptic view of the world, where it will end if law and order are not maintained at all costs.
So, by not remembering history, we repeat it. Hitler could not have exterminated the numbers that he did without a willing judiciary. These judges signed wholesale deportation orders against the Jews because they believed that they were saving their culture and civilization. They, after all, were just following orders. That “Nuremberg” defense is parroted today by judges, police and district attorneys after an officer murders a citizen. Soon after the murder, the District Attorney, who views the police as his constituency, announces that he has investigated and the officer was just “following his training,” or was “fearful for his life,” or “did nothing illegal,” all signifying an attitude reflecting “devine right” and absolute power. So, shooting a teenager countless times in the back, or one armed with a hammer on a balcony, or one raising a can of coke, becomes justified and excused. And the dumb-ass public or press doesn’t question the training of these officers. Who produced such robotic cowards and who trained them.
Corporations, in example and deed. No court is necessary because that is inefficient. If an officer is not exonerated, then the peasantry will revolt. If an officer’s decision is not upheld, they might quit repressing the peasantry. Besides, with zero tolerance and the indoctrination of prejudice, it doesn’t matter anyway. The bottom line isn’t to morality, justice or civility. It is to law, order and efficiently. Thinking is a luxury that interferes with efficiency. Education slows the process down. Since the press is bought and paid for, there are no questions.

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