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Dennis L. Blewitt, J.D, Mar, 2017

It has been over four decades that we, lawyers who represent people and not corporations, have been fighting against secret intelligence files and privatization deceptively implemented as a way of circumventing our rights. Since few cases ever go to trial, some sort of compromise is generally made. However, all the power rests with prosecutors and police, who can decide the fates of people by fiat or shear ignorance. The judge is a mere rubber stamp. It is hardly a bargain or compromise when one side has all the power and can present options in a dichotomous, take it or leave it milieu. Unless both sides have access to the same information, any result is unfair, arbitrary, and violates of the right to counsel, due process and fair trial. That is the situation that exists in our “justice” system today. There is no justice, just assembly line repression results that would make Kafka seem normal.
Corporate America went bonkers with the election of Richard M. Nixon. Change was happening at a rapid pace to undo the Great Society and other safety valves implemented by prior administrations. Additionally, the right to vote was quietly diluted and usurped by phantoms, answerable to no-one identifiable. Now, in era of Snitch Culture, Police State, abolishing of rights, and Corporate pilfering and grand theft, it is time to pay the piper. The elite got their wish list beyond their wildest dreams. The good old days that never existed were going to be brought back to delight and excite the power elite and their toadies. No more Civil Rights protests, no more war protests, no more higher taxes, no more restrictions on the presentation of evidence. No more pansy punishment coddling the bad guys. Law and order would be restored. If the peasantry didn’t like it, they would be imprisoned. Commies would be stopped throughout the world, not at our borders. Commies and dissidents would be quieted and punished. The laws would be made tougher to discourage dissent or free will. Private enterprise will again be respected and rule. Minorities will be put in their place. Bleeding heart liberals will cease to exist. Commies on the Supreme Court like Earl Warren will be impeached. And God will return (preferably in the form of a Fascist).
Power was shifted to the police and military, the only ones capable of protecting the privileged from the masses. Common law was modified to adjust power relations. Prisons built to hold those who disagree or didn’t go along. They looked forward to change. Hippies will be abolished and haircuts reinstituted. Technicalities (i.e. the Constitution) will be ignored to get bad guys. The collective orgasm over the victory could almost be felt. Progress was about to come to an end. The social contract repudiated, and business non-ethics would prevail.
Some of us banned together to stop this, but all we could do was slow it down. Rapid social change was caused by fear and loathing. However, the reactionaries kept at it, spreading fear, the big lie, and apocalyptic culture. Punishment became the norm. Compliance was to replace understanding. Mental treatment was abandoned in favor of jail. Conventional wisdom preached that Government was bad and inefficient. Free Markets became worshiped and the new religion. It was to become utopia for the privileged and hell for the rest.
One thing promoted was the creation of privatized entities to govern us. These entities would not be bound by the many regulations protecting the public and could be efficient. By manipulating opinion and presentation, they were touted as superior to business. Unfortunately for them, the judges and lawyers that were educated in different times weren’t fooled. It would take time and a controlled media to finally achieve that result.
One of the first privatized entity to rear its ugly head was the “Law Enforcement Intelligence Unit.” We were at war, but, unlike our parents, we didn’t blindly follow the leaders into a war that was questioned by a large segment of population. The old guard, full of trust of the Government, patriotism, and ignorance were bewildered and afraid of their children who didn’t follow without question as occurred during the WWII and Korean War eras. Propagandists claimed this was due to communist influence. It wasn’t. It was because a new generation was educated to think. Minorities were restless, making demands on the establishment. They too were portrayed as in league with the communists. Civil rights were communist inspired. This ignorant belief was mocked in such films as, “The Russians are Coming,” “Mouse that Roared,” and “Dr. Strangelove,” to name a few. Then, the rebellious youth started to grow hair and beards to distinguish themselves from the followers. The loyalty oath was still required at some institutions. The authorities, certain that there was a massive communist conspiracy afloat, spied on any and all groups or individuals believed to be a possible danger, including priests, student activists, protesters, hippies, and others that did not reflect the neat and tidy image of the “Ozzie and Harriet” family image.
These files, owned and operated by a private entity, were shared among various agencies and used extensively in decision making and policy. But the accused could not have access in order to confront an accuser. A system based upon rewarding informers and treachery was instituted. The basis of the information was, at the very least, incomplete and, in some cases, inaccurate. Agents and officials could manipulate with impunity. However, the rest of the players in the legal system and the public could not have access to these files. Partly out of paranoia and partly out of embarrassment, access was denied. However, it was incumbent upon prosecutors to give the defense all the material on which a prosecution was based. The problem was that prosecutors were lawyers and lawyers were bound by certain rules which, if ignored, could cost them their licenses. So, the police and intelligence agencies kept the files from the prosecutors. When the prosecutors started demanding the files to provide the defense, the police state thinkers decided to form a private company to store files which they wanted to conceal. This agency was called “Law Enforcement Intelligence Unit, Inc.” Federal agencies started stamping their files claiming that the files were the property of the agency and not the public which paid for them. War was declared, ostensibly against drugs, but in reality against the people.
At that time, there were still judges and prosecutors with some integrity who hadn’t been brainwashed and who believed in our common law system guaranteeing a fair trial and certain rights. Thus, when a Federal agency claimed that a relevant file was property of the agency, most state judges ruled that if the agency wished to bring a case in the state courts, they had to follow the state rules. This presented a problem because most of these cases were so chicken-shit that the Federal Judges would refuse to hear them. Since then image has replaced justice and docket control, not justice is the prime purpose of a judge. And, since Constitutional Rights impede traffic of the Courts, they must be curtailed or controlled. The idea that the people have anything to do with the process is image and myth. The idea that judges judge fairly is fairy tale. Justice takes time, patience, and wisdom, which is lacking in the modern court system. which is virtually impossible to change because the agencies of coercion and control such as the police aren’t subject to any citizen control. They don’t have to be. They are self-funding. The people are left out of the process, except to pluck like a golden goose. Law enforcement and courts have become an enterprise.
There can not be a democratic form of government when agencies, supposedly controlled by other branches of Government can circumvent this process and fund themselves. Please think about it and support the abolition of forfeiture laws.

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