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I digress from the sequence if my narrative to answer some observation, questions and revelations I’ve discovered since my first article of my war with the CIA.  Many readers have expressed the attitude “so what else is new, that’s interesting, what did you expect, etc.”  I have had comments from all over the political spectrum.  From that, I see a pattern evolving.  Both sides are suspicious of both the Government and the elite.  Most readers now accept that the Government or at least a Government agency is behind the drug trade and has been for quite some time.  “If [we] all know this, why are your writing about it?”

Well, the reason is that it is still going on.  People are still going to jail.  The police state is advancing, and our rights are still jeopardized.  It is frustrating that with so many people aware of the situation, that it is still allowed to exist.

When I first became aware of the CIA involvement, I questioned my conclusions.  I questioned my sanity.  I questioned my suspicions.  It was too unbelievable.  Our Government couldn’t be involved.  Sure, maybe there are a few rogue elephants out there, but I was watching a stampede.  This couldn’t be true!

It took a lot for me to overcome my provincial small town view of the world and people.  I was on a cruise ship that held more than the population of my home town.  My father was a state employee and a local business man.  He was active in the VFW and other organizations.  I was slated for Annapolis as a political appointee.  My younger brother was a career military pilot.  I was not taught, but indoctrinated to support the Government, right or wrong.  The Government paid for almost 10 years of school beyond high school.  In short, I represented the views, beliefs and values of small-town America.  Even as late as law school, I still held onto these delusions.  Then I started defending drug cases.

My first drug cases were all ex Viet Nam vets, returning from the war.  They were introduced to drugs by their officers and commanders.  I did drug cases because I didn’t expect to practice law long and was killing time until I could find an academic slot.  I took a drug case because no one else in town wanted to soil their hands or risk the social ostracism associated with drug use.  I knew about drugs somewhat because at one time I enrolled as a pharmacy major and held an apprentice certificate from the state.  I also knew chemistry and lab procedure.  I had even toyed with the idea of going to University of Kentucky’s program for a graduate degree in narcotics social work before deciding on law school.  I grew up in a time of building bomb shelters in the basements, witnessing crosses being burned on people’s lawns, and loyalty oaths demanded of university professors.  It was extremely difficult for me to believe anything bad about our Government.

I look back on those days as extreme naiveté and ignorance, which, I assume made me a perfect patsy.   So, for four decades, I learned, researched, reflected and codified my thinking.

At first, I was branded a “conspiracy theorist,” a label placed upon people who expressed ideas contrary to the propaganda machine.  The logic seemed to make sense.  Conspiracies are extremely hard to keep concealed.  Then came the Watergate burglary.  A senate select committee held hearings and issued a report about all the violations of the intelligence agencies.  I believe the purpose of the committee was to find leaks and plug them.  There was very little change in structure, but lots of new security regulations.  But, people still believed that there could be no conspiracies. It is hard to keep information sequestered.  At least until WiKi leaks by Assange and Snowden’s revelations about the NSA.

In my view, there are no conspiracies.  We should be looking at the structure of our Government and how it works.  We should look at who has power and how it is distributed.  We should pity the preachers of conspiracy for their lack of vision and understanding.  We should fight corruption on all levels and examine policy makers and policy bribers.  If we don’t wake up, our society cannot survive.

No one likes to be labeled as a conspiracy nut.  That is the way the ignorant can dismiss unpleasant facts without having to engage a thought process.  However, these things still exist and operate without original players.  It is systemic.  So, in my humble way, I try to explain to people what is, not what is perceived.  There should be some real consequences of lying to the citizenry.  We confiscate property of marijuana merchants, but reward death merchants.  We allow two branches of Government to ignore their obligations and default to the executive who engage in wholesale war crimes and violation of the Constitution.  We allow the rich to build a police state to protect their status gained at the expense of the people.  We allow power groups divide us and so dissent to strip the people of power.  We allow the greedy to strip our national treasures, steal our resources and enslave our population.

It is time to realize who, if anyone, is in charge or did we create a self-perpetuating fascist machine, relying upon the media to perpetrate.  We seem to forget that all Corporations are the creation of Government and serve at will of Government.  The corporate rulers believe that they can act with impunity they have immunity as long as small shareholders can be held hostage.  If we dissolve a few corrupt corporations and make the executives pay for their robberies, I believe things will change.  Drug money is forfeited, why not executive salaries?  After all, fair is fair.  We could use the confiscated funds to fight the police state.  When a pension is robbed, all who profit from the robbery should be made to indemnify the workers that were cheated or robbed.  Corporations are not people.  They are run by people.  Why should a corporation, run by a board of directors and executive officers be able to bribe officials with massive campaign contributions, when individuals can’t?  It is too bad that we don’t have titles in this country like they do in Europe.  Then we could identify the guilty more readily.  Why should corporations, who benefit by our government protection and laws, be allowed to leave the country, shifting burdens to the people when the people have no benefit?  Companies extort tax breaks by making promises which they rarely keep.  If a company pulls up stakes, it should return the benefits given from the community that were promised.  If companies destroy land or communities, this should be accounted for.  Executives that don’t operate as fiduciaries for the public policy should be barred from holding office.  Bullshit insider trading fines should not be allowed to mislead the public that regulators aren’t controlled or bought off.  It is time for change.

I digress and ramble.  I apologize, however not for what I say, but for the presentation.  It is time to resist.  It is time for change.  It is time to be heard.

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