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One of the first things that I learned from my grandfather was that there is nothing more despicable than a bully.  Not only a physical bully, but a mental bully must not be allowed to exist in a civilized society.  From a long line of ship masters, he first served as mate under his father, who served under his father etc.  It is ironic, considering the life on the London docks in the 15th through 20th Centuries.  The docks were a rough place.  Sailors were impressed and the rule of a ship’s master was absolute.  It would be easy to be an unfair tyrant, but sometimes that could backfire.  For me, the easiest way to face punishment and sanction was to bully someone, particularly my younger brother.

            That is the start of what I call playground education that most children must have to progress from childhood to adulthood.  Unfortunately, some never make it.  The playground bully would attract his share of sycophants and droolers, but generally, they had to go through life in a state of paranoia and isolation, with no friends.  I was imbued with the sense of duty to society and humanity.  Not only was I prohibited from bullying, I was charged with the obligation to make things better for people if within my power to do so. These are what set us apart from the state of nature.  They were deemed essential to the advancement of a society.  So with this great burden, I ventured forth into the world, at times questioning whether or not I was given the requisite survival skills.

            So, I wonder, as I watch election coverage, if I was born on a different planet and am a displaced alien here.  The TV coverage and debates don’t reflect the culture or milieu in which I was raised.  It reflected the barbarians of a different age.  I wonder where such a sense of entitlement originated.  Reflecting on Mr. Trump, it is clear that he regards himself the modern equivalent of a medieval baron, including having the right of Droit du Seigneur, entitling him complete entitlement to impose his desires on any female in his kingdom.  Utterly amazing.  Next, the Devine right of Kings will be invoked.

            Meanwhile, no one is discussing, torture, drone warfare, privatization, incarceration, and other issues that real candidates should be discussing.  Corporate theft is all but ignored as the CEO of a major bank resigns, confession massive fraud.  We worship unethical cheating executives and want to punish the poor and needy.  The business mentality is destroying our citizenry and country.  Someone who perpetually stiffs sub-contractors, is not a leader.  He is a predator.  Likewise, playing footsie with bankers of Wall Street isn’t any good.

            So we enter the election climate with the same mindset and a sporting event, including pep rallies and cheer leaders.  “Lock her up” was repeatedly shouted in a convention.  This is in light of the fact that we have the highest incarceration rate in the free world.  “Build a wall” was chanted as a solution to the economy doldrums at the same time as a release of a report stating home-grown terrorism is the biggest threat to the safety of our citizenry.  I am tired of being embarrassed, lied to, manipulated, and ignored.  This is insulting.  It is time for us to make our presense known.  Let the rulers be aware that we are watching and we expect better of them.  Get active at the congressional and state levels.  Don’t fear being labeled as stupid.  Those are the ones doing the labeling.  Hit the social media with demands that the candidates talk about real issues rather than amuse us.  Get angry.  Get involved.  Stop bullies.  Stop corporation power.  Quit worshipping toxic business ethics.  Tell the other candidate to concern herself with all the people and society rather than corporations and children.

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  1. dwilson2016

    Dear Dennis, I am having trouble with viewing the whole screen, as the left side does not show. I try again later. Dougie 970 925 9108


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