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First there was the Sachsenspeigel, the source of Saxon common law. It was an amalgamation of customs, decrees village consensus and other sources, none of which were written. It codified law in Eastern Europe and Eastern England, pretty much centered around the tribe or territory. Not even an invasion by Normans could supplant it. Then came the Normans, with their version of law, more in line with Roman Church law. It was pretty well established when William invaded in the 11th Century. The Normans tried to change the law, but instead of doing so, had one of their kings held at sword-point to sign a document limiting power of the King. Although the King repudiated it, it survived and is the basis of many of the rights enjoyed today in English speaking countries. So, the two systems became amalgamated.
Conflict occurred between the people and the sovereign ever since. Although there was conflict and even wars, law was pretty well established by the 14th century. Essential to the development were certain undeniable principles, sometime referred to as Natural Law. Common law dealt with concepts, applied to the people, based upon general consensus. Norman law dealt with specifics, declared by the State through decree or legislation. The concepts such as prohibition against search, seizure, denying due process, and sanctuary of the Church and the home. The concepts of due process and sanctuary survived for nine centuries in a revered place in our history and law. However, after the assassination of a President and the pursuit of an unpopular war, fear seized the population, spurred on by our leaders. With the election of assassination of Kennedy, the way was paved to wrest power from the people and give it to the powerful. Searches and seizures became more common place to combat the scourge of marijuana, in use by returning soldiers and anti-war protesters. The idea of a home as a sanctuary was abolished. The king’s men were never allowed to enter a house, even on of a murderer. They had to await his exit.
Then came the attack on due process. The police state obtained an advantage and due process seemed to be anything that the executive branch of the government feels comfortable with. With this mythology of law, a false history was developed. All the changes were brought about by one gigantic protection racked, called Government. Fear was marketed to the point that the citizenry became paralyzed and irrational. Checks and balances in our constitution were abolished as inconvenience. Justice was replaced with expediency. The Courts were viewed as inconvenient in the administration of the modern corporate state. Instead, substance was eclipsed by procedure. With the help of PR firms and politicians without honor, we became the world’s leader in incarceration. We are behind other Western nations in almost everything good, and are competing with Islamists for the record number of executions. Greed is venerated. Charity considered passé.
The fear machine made it easy. Also, the rulers, stealing from us and lowering our standard of living made it easy for them to convince us that Government was bad. Taxes were bad. Decent housing and medical care are “socialistic,” and business is better at almost everything. Profit became the new deity. One of the cleverest ways of wresting control was to convince us that private corporation should rule everything. Soon, Government became an enterprise, financed by various self-funding schemes, wresting control over expenditures from legislators and delivering it into the greedy unscrupulous tycoons and robber barons.
Three decades ago, congress investigated the intelligence agency abuses. After hearings and printing a lengthy report, the rulers set about making sure that the citizenry couldn’t find out as much did ever again. The abuses couldn’t have occurred if the agencies didn’t have a source of income outside the legislatures. Whistle blowers became targets and were prosecuted. Laws clamped down on citizen participation and dissent. Disclosure laws made it possible for the elite to measure the strength of the opposition. Media no longer was viewed as a community asset held in trust for the people. Equal time was essentially abolished for politicians and costs to run for office increased astronomically. The day of the rail-splitting candidate was history.
One thing was clear from the Pike and Church committees. The rogue activities, illegal in most civilized states were funded by privatized businesses, called proprietaries, such as Air America, which flew most of the drugs for the CIA. Like lemmings, we blindly run to the sea of privatization to drown. I often ask “Where’s the outrage?” Now I ask “Where’s the brains?”
So we allow privateers to stop cars, confiscate cash and other valuables to hire more liars jerks to harass the citizens on the highways. There is no way a police agency should obtain one cent without appropriation by a legislative body, no matter how publicized the situation. We are the Government, not the officials and employees of the state. The ass-holes get away with this because we let them. A recent review of the news according to the Washington Post reveals that the police are literally getting away with murder. Nearly a thousand times this year, an American police officer has shot and killed a civilian This is not equal or fair. It is the power elite’s version of ethnic cleansing. The Government bombed its citizens experimentally at Bikini and other sites, infected blacks with syphilis in the name of science, caused suicides administering LSD, developed the drug trade in the US to keep the citizens in line, euthanized, sterilized and executed almost at will. People can be denied a livelihood by investigation. Some unprincipled Bureaucrats, like J. Edgar Hoover, even tried to get Martin Luther King to commit suicide. I ask, “How long is this going to be allowed?” Why do we even speak to these people or their associates? Why are they respected and not ridiculed? Is the population so stupid, or just lazy?

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