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 Dennis L. Blewitt, JD

In an amazing display of ignorance and arrogance, the states of Nebraska and Oklahoma have filed a suit in the United States Court asking for that court somehow negate the will of the people of Colorado by sabotaging their Constitutional mandate to end the drug war.  The arrogance and hypocrisy of those State’s positions are unbelievable. Nebraska has been running a shakedown of motorists on the interstate between Ogallala and North Platte for decades.  The Nebraska state patrol would stop cars, search them and confiscate money and drugs.  Then, via Scottsbluff, send the drugs to Las Vegas for resale.  When one patrolman got caught in Ogallala, another took his place.  The corruption in Keith County, Nebraska was utterly amazing.  It involved members of the Nebraska Highway Patrol, a Sheriff’s Office and some officials.

Officials would stop motorists between Ogallala and North Platte, Nebraska, search the stopped vehicles find drugs and arrest the drivers and passengers.  Sounds good.  It would stop marijuana trafficking and protect the public.  Not quite.  The police were tipped off in advance with a description of the vehicle carrying contraband.  The seized marijuana was taken to Scottsbluff and transported to Nevada for resale.  I didn’t catch on to this racket until my third case on Nebraska’s interstate 80.  The group called themselves “the Company.”  I believe the group is still operating.

In 1978, a barn was searched on a client’s 1800 acre farm in Oklahoma.  The client grew a distinct plant consisting of Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Ruderalis, bread and cloned in a unique fashion.  A hunter named Fox claimed he saw the contraband while hunting for deer on the property.  The hunting party discovered the substance after the defendant offered it for sale to a buyer in Colorado.  The group making the arrest referred to themselves as the “Red River Rangers.”  I was puzzled by the players involved in the case.  The lead investigator from the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous drugs had a PhD in Chinese languages and had recently come from China.  Others of the group seemed to be an improbable collection for a deer hunting party.  Later, the hunter played a prominent role in one of the Operation Swordfish cases.  He was known as a drug trafficker and operated for two decades.  The fact that he committed perjury was overlooked by the U. S. Attorney.

In any event, the defendant received a sentence of 9 months in El Reno, a Federal institution for the 500 pounds of plant material.  But, while in El Reno, Oklahoma, he was told by a well-known Italian criminal that the unique product was sold on the streets of Kansas City.  It seems that the bonfire to burn the crop never happened.  It is ironic that a Mafia Don knew about the mishandling of the marijuana but law enforcement didn’t.

About this time, a client, who was caught with one half ton of marijuana was offered immunity if he could get evidence of anything bad against me.  He later filed an appeal after losing his case claiming ineffective assistance of counsel because, since he was supposed to get me, he couldn’t tell me everything necessary for his defense and therefore did not get a fair trial.  Say what?  The Government’s representatives were not even criticized by the appellate Court, and the Defendant had to do five years because he could not help the Government convict me.  There just isn’t any justice.

Two events tied these cases together.  My friend Sally Denton published her book “Blue Grass Conspiracy,” and I became one of the attorneys involved in an “Operation Swordfish” case.  Sally wrote about a national drug ring, consisting of law enforcement agents from many jurisdictions who called themselves, “the Company.”  This spelled out what I had observed in the drug trade from Aspen to Florida to Texas to California.  I knew many of the characters in her book either as a lawyer or through a colleague.

Then, during my part of the Swordfish case, the innocent party who happened upon the Oklahoma farm full of unique marijuana turned out to be related to one of the principal defendants in the Swordfish case, a member of “the Company.”  He was a law enforcement agent.  Additionally, we discovered that the Hospital Ship “Hope” was used in smuggling operations and other agents the CIA were involved.  The beneficiaries of the Nebraska highway stops and the Oklahoma farm were all part of the same group, and they were all drug enforcement agents.

I have one more thing to add to the mix.  The drug agents in the North Platte area were selling maps giving locations of marijuana plants in Nebraska.  Agents would then stake out the sites shown in the maps and arrest the treasure hunters.  They made lots of money.

The reader may wonder what this has to do with the lawsuit against Colorado.  I think it is relevant because someone should look into drug enforcement in those two states.  Additionally, with the present Attorney Generals view of the State Constitutional Amendment concerning marijuana, I believe that she won’t put forth her best efforts to advocate for the will of the Colorado voters.  I want as many people as possible to know this background so they can carefully watch the case.  We must make sure that the Colorado Attorney General thoroughly investigates the drug corruption in both Oklahoma and Nebraska through discovery.  Since it is inconceivable to me that Colorado drug agents are not involved with or aware of “the Company,” we should make absolutely certain that this isn’t a ruse to replace their shakedowns.  Please watch this case and make yourselves heard.

I have always maintained that the worse part of the drug war is the corruption it engenders.  We must be ever vigilant, since our officials are so deliberately obtuse or just plain stupid.  Let the Attorney General know we care and are watching.  Demand she keep us informed.  Tell Congress to stop this insanity and call a truce with the drug war.  Maybe Colorado could counter sue for a slice of the confiscated drugs resold to other unsuspecting suckers.  In any event, they are not without blame for drugs entering their states.  At least Colorado marijuana is legal, while the resold confiscated drugs aren’t.  Keep me informed of your efforts.

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