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   CONDUCT OF THE Government is foreign, fear reigns.  Dlblewitt, J.D. April, 2017

I watched incredulously as the scene unfolds since the Presidential election.  I have studied politics, I have advised politicians, I have even run for office.  I tried to explain my observations in terms of post-modern social theory, and reread Foucault, Eco and the others.  Under the guise of post modernism, the real situation is starting to be seen, and it isn’t pleasant.

It is exactly like depicted in “The Invasion of the Body Snatchers,” a 1958 sci-fi movie about alien pods hatching in to humans, replacing the real humans, only without emotion and feelings.  A local doctor notices the strangeness in his patients and uncovers the danger.  The film ends with the doctor leaving town, passed by trucks containing pods.  The infiltration was so smooth, it wasn’t noticed by the population, and upon replacement, it didn’t matter.

I will refer to the current invaders as the “Pus**snatchers,” in honor of the President, who made the term acceptable to middle-class, middle-aged women who made fools out of themselves, adoring a crude, crass, monster after feigning outrage at a Black man in the White House succeeding at governance.

It wasn’t obvious until recently that we were invaded.  The aliens, walked among us, talked and interacted with us, and showed no discernable differences, except that they had no emotions or empathy for humans, who just assumed that they were just snobbish rich assholes.  But they can no longer hide their identities nor their intention of taking over the world to pillage and plunder.

They were exposed by speaking a foreign language, disguised as English.  However, their words became twisted and miscommunicated.  Rather than truth and observation, there were “alternate facts.”   Lies were blatant and not even retracted.  It didn’t matter because, the aliens were connected to the master pod.  Non-pods were irrelevant.  The media was attacked as an enemy of the people (non-aliens).  They ignored rules of protocol.  They filled posts with unemotional robots from the pods, seeded in the country.  They thought that the people would not notice their disdain for humans or humanity.  Since the aliens were all interconnected, they could not function if a plan were foiled.  The replacement humans always followed and all were in agreement.  The master pod controlled because he was the master pod, not because he was capable of doing so.

When the aliens came out, they attacked the humans mercilessly, deriding their institutions, sowing distrust and envy.  They applied shock doctrine, but did so to such an extreme that it was counterproductive.  THEY ARE HERE!  THEY ARE AMONG US!  THERE IS DANGER!  HELP!


  1. B Blewitt

    This is so far off the mark I don’t even know where to start.



    • Sarcasm and irony have never been you strong suits. You need to watch “it came from outer space,” “invasion of the body snatchers,” or some of the other fun ones from the 50’s when we were forced to sign loyalty oathes, get short haircuts, Eisenhower added a diety to the pledge of allegiance. contradicting centuries of first amendment tradition. What we are observing is alien to me and my contempories, your grandparents, great grandparents and family tradition of ten centuries of law, justice, service since Magna Charte. Begin there


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