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DENNIS L. BLEWITT, J.D., March, 2017
     For quite some time, people have been concerned about events on 4/20. There has been controversy, misdirection, propaganda, panic, and arrest. At all started years ago by taking a cue from Rosa Parks, the black lady who refused to go to the back of the segregated bus and started a movement. In 1971 an event was planned regarding marijuana on April 20. It was to protest the insanity of the drug laws. Some lawyers, such as myself announced that we would not take marijuana cases because there was a minimum mandatory sentencing. The significance of that date morphed after 4 decades to be synonymous with smoking marijuana. For quite some time now, marijuana was smoked openly in various parts of the country in protest of the marijuana laws.
     The main area of contention seems to be that marijuana possession or use is categorized the same as heroin possession or use. In categorizing as such, the government didn’t follow its own legislative plan or definitions. Universities used to be a place where information was exchanged and ideas were freely marketed. Now the free marketing of ideas, and indeed educating students has taken a backseat to image and advancing propaganda, falsities, fantasies and wet dreams to obtain private sector money to be used to brainwash students. For years, the University administration has tried to ignore the Constitutional right to assembly and free speech in an effort to protect the manufactured image of the Univ. of Colorado as a learning institution. The University of Colorado at one point even offered a $50 reward to any student who could identify any fellow student smoking marijuana at the event. It is ironic that the medieval concept of sanctuary has been replaced by a concept of strict compliance with rules for the sake of money. There has been a Coupe d”etat. People are afraid, angry, controlled by irrational fear and ignorance as libertarianism becomes the new God. That is antithetical to intellectual freedom. Marijuana legislation was sponsored specifically with the intent of punishing student protest or right to assembly guaranteed by the Constitutional form or government that people drawing a public paycheck have been sworn to protect. However, the worshippers of the false idol named privatization, don’t believe it should apply to others that don’t think as they do. Their false God preaches that lying, cheating, and stealing is ok if it supports “free enterprise” and a distorted view of Christianity. Real Christians were thrown to the lions by people like this. These Christians are similar to ones referred by Max Weber when he wrote “Protestant Ethic and Spirit of Capitalism.” This year, the institutional hypocrisy and blatant disregard for principles of either education or constitution from the ethically challenged University of Colorado attacks any non-Fascist interested in truth, justice, freedom, or the Constitution
.      After several decades, members of the Nixon administration finally disclosed that the drug war was manufactured, not to prevent drug abuse or crime, but to control political dissidents protesting the war in Vietnam or minority citizens protesting for civil rights. The price of education appears to be the price of free thought and knowledge. Think of the irony. Students are put in a position where they must incur great debt to go to a school that doesn’t teach them but indoctrinates them, instilling fear and frustration so that they will not assert themselves in the future. Students are taught that truth doesn’t matter. Knowledge doesn’t matter. Science doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is following orders and not pissing off the masters. The tragedy is that many of the faculty and the courts agree with this position. When I first started my undergraduate career, faculty members were required to sign a loyalty oath to keep their jobs. Sen. McCarthy was entertaining the ignorant while the assertions about the danger of communism are leveled against dissent. We were subjected to fear. We were bombarded with propaganda. We had fire drills. We had atomic bomb blast drills. We had nerve gas drills. We lived in constant fear of destruction by thermal nuclear war. So, what did we do about it? Some of us became beatniks, stoically facing the possibility of annihilation while hanging out in coffee houses, spouting poetry and singing folk songs. Later, some became hippies, bringing forth the age of Aquarius, with the rewards of drugs, sex, and rock and roll. Many of us looked inward toward improving ourselves and our country, with the resulting civil rights and antiwar movements. Since the Russians had sent up a satellite into space, and we hadn’t, money was spent on educating this citizenry rather than exploiting them. Higher education was virtually free. The masters discovered their mistake when they tried to convince the product of this education to go to war killing anything labeled as a Communist while supporting a reactionary government in SE Asia.
     So, education became a marketed product, meant to be consumed. Students became commodities and consumers. Learning became secondary or coincidental and may or may not happen. The commodity was structured to dumb down students, bleed money from the consumers and market product. The result was that potential protesters were saddled with enormous debt to get an education which may or may not be useful to them in the future. A class war was started with the haves preying on the have nots. Consumer protection was repealed. A cohesive society was splintered into factions. Marijuana was demonized as the cause of many of our problems. Consequently, prisons rather than schools were built. Roads and bridges were left to deteriorate. Selfishness was rewarded. Punishment of offenders was based upon the offender’s ability to lie about others. We became a nation of jealous snitches, convinced that individuals were the only thing that mattered, and poverty and misfortune were character flaws instead of systemic flaws.
     This citizenry became irrational and crazy. Hypocrisy reigned supreme. Behavior by leaders which outrage the rest of the world was excepted and cheered. So, instead of being able to rely upon scholars, intellectuals, and educators to promote sanity and justice, they subject the people to punishment and sanction if a government position based upon fear and fiction is not accepted by the public. Like the emperor’s new clothes, 4/20 recognition is viewed as a threat to image, imperiling money raising activities of the university because the business contributors are ignorant bigots who do not respect education or critical thinking, expecting conformity and acquiescence. 4/20 isn’t about marijuana. IT is about freedom, integrity in government and freedom from propaganda. A rally on 4/20 is a rally against Fascism.
     The assembly of students at the University is not about marijuana, it is about justice and the appointment of a Neo-Nazi as attorney general of the United States. That is why it was called a protest. The administration cynically labeled it as a “pot party” insulting the student-consumers at the university and contemptuously disregarding even paying lip service to any state or federal Constitutions. This climate produced by “academic” institutions is contrary to centuries old tradition. It shows why the electorate has been deadlocked and has elected a criminal traitor as president, surrounding himself with greedy rich people who are put in positions to destroy our institutions. It is time for the people leading institutions to respond to the people. It is time to resist the greedy sociopaths from preying upon us while disenfranchising us. It is time to put educators in charge of educational institutions, not glad-handing prostitutes sucking money out of rich contributors. The Chancellor who doesn’t understand what a university really is should be put in charge of refuse collection or scheduling transportation, not pretending to be an academic. It is time for the students to organize and get with it while there is a semblance of intellectual freedom in out institution of higher learning, at least to where it was in 12th Century England or France. Fight corporate greed and revise and protect our sacred institution

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