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I am more than outraged. I have been betrayed. I have been lied to. I have been played for a fool. I have been persecuted, harassed, discredited, accused of heinous crimes for nothing more than a sociopathic president’s desire to stay in office. Throughout, the propaganda machine was working full time to convince the public that drugs were the scourge of society only to keep youths, minorities and dissidents under control. Additionally, the drug war kept prices high so that Government drug sales could fund more activities without being answerable to congressional oversight. All this activity just to support a controversial war that the public questioned more and more, and which split the country.
I am referring to the confession of H. R. Haldeman, Nixon’s chief of staff, that the drug war was manufactured for solely political reasons. It wasn’t just me. It is my parents, my peers, my family, my friends and my country who were betrayed.
I take no solace in the fact that I have been right for four decades. It doesn’t soothe the sense of betrayal and my anger that no one seems to share my feelings. I can’t decide which has been the more damaging, the deceivers or the deceived. I tend to think that I should be more angry at the deceived. This gullible collective of ignorant, selfish, people in denial of obvious lies by their leaders, allowed this to happen out of neglect, ignorance, and irresponsibility. We as a nation, are powerful and delude ourselves into believing that we are always right and have no obligation to others. We ae now incurring the wrath of the rest of the world, remaining clueless while our leaders rape, pillage and plunder our heritage and birthrights.
When I started college, I was optimistic and excited to start a new life. Idealism was the word. Even though I had seen a cross burn on a lawn while growing up, vigilantes chase an escapee, discrimination, and prejudice, I was full of optimism and hope. We were culled out when Sputnik shocked the free world and told that we would be the scientific and political leaders of the future. We, because we wanted to keep up with the Russians, were given virtually free educations. Education was valued. When we protested segregation and the war in Viet Nam, the decision leaders decided that they should not educate another generation as well as we were and a deliberate dumbing down of the young commenced.
Instead of imbuing youths with a sense of purpose and sacrifice such as Kennedy did, we now instill selfishness and fear tin our population. There is no sense of community, but an attitude of social Darwinism. Sacrifice is bad, Greed is good. We don’t live in a society, striving to advance a civilization and cognizant of a common good, but a mass of unconnected people ruled and replaced by a system of informers. Cynicism replaced optimism. Science was replaced with propaganda and alternative facts. Information became controlled and there was no public purpose for communication methods traditionally belonging to the common good or the people. Mutual benefit became replaced with selfishness and avarice.
These are all secondary consequences of the drug war. The drug war gave us an “other” whom we could ostracize and chastise. It gave us a sense of combativeness, replacing compassion. It allowed us to judge others and look down upon others. Meanwhile, in our quest to survive, the redistribution of wealth and power widens, creating a caste system and spoiling the meaning of America.

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