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D.L. BLEWITT, J.D., Mar 26, 2019

This question recently was brought to mind by a clerk in sandwich shop located a few blocks from my residence of 40 years where I stopped by for a sandwich. The shop is part of a small chain started b y an acquaintance of mine in Boulder. It is staffed by college age young people who like their music and appear to be annoyed by customers interrupting their mental masturbation. In fact, they like music so well that it is very difficult for patrons of the business to hear anything or have a conversation. It does, however, keep employees from having to interact with patrons and to practice advanced rectal-cranial techniques, seemingly oblivious to the situation.
I went to the establishment to buy lunch. I bought a sandwich, some potato chips and the soft drink, amounting to $20 with tip, and was told to be seated until my name was called and sit down and wait for someone to call me to pick up my order. A customer would go to the counter, placed his order, pay for the order, and sit down awaiting its preparation, which I did. After sitting an inordinate amount of time, a customer came over and asked me if I had ordered a brisket sandwich. And if so, it was at the counter. I went to the counter and told the employee that one of their customers had informed me that my order was ready. He looked at me and replied, “I called out four times that the order was ready,” looking and treating as though I were the village idiot who was interrupting his day of ignorant bliss. I explained that with music level as high as it was, I didn’t hear him. Rather than apologize, he looked at me rather disdainfully stating, “I called it out four times again as justification for his conduct, as though that was all that was expected of him. Apparently, initiative, consciousness and courteous were beyond his pay-grade
For some reason, his explanation and consummate arrogance annoyed me. His demeanor indicated that even acknowledging someone 40 years his senior was distasteful or bothersome. So, I walked away before I did something regrettable. Before I exited establishment, I decided that I would register a complaint. I went back to the order taker and explained that I was not happy that the employee blame me for not being able to hear his announcement that my sandwich was ready. The response was a blank stare. I pointed to the person who called out that the sandwich was ready and that I was blamed for not hearing the sandwich announcement with the music blurring, so hard which I believe was reasonable considering that there should be no doubt that I was a septuagenarian.
A coworker was standing next to the announcer whom I was to find out later was a manager. When my comment received a shrug, I expressed the opinion to the employee that I thought he was “fucking rude.” At that point the other gentlemen, claiming to be the manager, said he was calling the police because I used profanity. I was recently in a sandwich shop near where I live was more important to him that my linguistics were much more important than resolving the theft of my $20.00. I It seemed to have made his day that a 30-year-old manager could threaten an old man with calling the police. He seemed more intent on justifying the theft of my $20.00 for the sandwich than resolving any situation. I told him to go ahead and call them since I didn’t believe I had committed a criminal offense. Meanwhile the subject of not receiving I sandwich had yet to be addressed.
I became more and more annoyed with the situation as I left the facility. I could not understand how the employee could believe it was my fault that I couldn’t hear my order being called and the manager didn’t feel he should apologize for the fact that I didn’t get my sandwich. The more I thought about it, the more annoyed I got at the manager threatened for being dissatisfied. I was in a sandwich shop near where I live and threatened with police action for not being sufficiently servile and for registering a customer complaint.
Why does a whole generation of citizens feel they are entitled to be offended by people getting upset with their go to hell attitude? What is there about the culture, society, or upbringing that causes them to blame others for their own shortcomings? I really don’t feel it is my fault that it is somewhat difficult for me to hear at my age. I really don’t believe it’s my fault for getting frustrated and angry pending $15 for a sandwich that I didn’t get. Why did the employee think that by informing me that he had called out for times announcing the sandwich, this excused his conduct or lack of concern for a customer? Why was he so gleeful putting an old man in his place, and threatening a customer with police action because he had just been ripped off for almost $20 by the shop? Would someone please explain? I believe it may have something to do with the fact that these youngsters haven’t been taught to or have had to react with others. Visit any coffee shop and watch the patrons. Instead of reacting, they sit at the tables, staring and fingering electronic devises. If not that, they have things stuck in their ears, blocking humanity out in favor of music or other auditory stimuli. They spend their youth avoiding interrelating with others, especially boring older people. If approached, they show annoyance at having been disturbed.
I was taught that it was rude to correct or argue with my elders, no matter what the provocation or circumstances. I would have received a reprimand for having the audacity of correcting the choice of words of an elder. I ponder the outcome if the manager met either Lenny Bruce or Berkley’s Mario Savio, let alone having to endure a half hour of boot camp.
So back to the original question; was there a sound or did the tree even fall?

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