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A medieval lesson


We have been conditioned to believe that ours is a society or even a nation of rugged individualism. Competition is great and good. Anything other than competition between people is “socialism” and is bad. We are taught that success is only measured in monetary terms and that the only thing that counts is amassing wealth or at least possessions. Under this neofascist reality, we are taught that taking unfair advantage, defrauding everybody, or even murder is ok if, like explained in “the Godfather,” it is “just business.” We are deliberately made ignorant so we, as a mass can be mistreated, exploited, or even robbed so long as it is done as business or competition. Questioning that view is looked upon as wrong. If not a competitor, you are a “bleeding heart.” The worst thing is that this view is completely the opposite of the teachings of at least 2,000 years. It defines the struggle between the conquerors and the conquered. It is a total distortion of Malthus and Darwin, exploiting ignorance to personal gain because most people can only think in terms of buzzwords, and not concepts. So, as lemmings, we follow false leaders to the cliff and clamor to jump off. For instance, meditate on the following:

Imagine that you own a custom shoe store. The sole purpose is to resent itself so that customers can be charged top dollar and you tell people that you will make shoes for them that will only for their feet exclusively. You also tell people that your shoes are made from the finest leather and are unique. You tell them that they’re handmade. People flock from all around to buy your shoes at a highly inflated price, not based on material, workmanship, or personal attention, but upon your advertising, or commercial propaganda.

When a customer complains you tell them to live with it. The customer is unhappy, demands a refund, and an apology, too bad. Under current (which I call) Trumpian business practices, he is told to go to hell and if he doesn’t shut up you will sue him. He starts telling his friends and neighbors about what a crook you are. Even though truth is a defense, he sues you for slander, costing your thousands of dollars to defend yourself, Eventually it comes out that the shoes were mass-produced and China, that many of them didn’t fit, the stitching’s came loose, they weren’t original designs, and your whole marketing strategy was fraught with fraud. In other words, he ripped you off. The propaganda lined is buyer beware and it’s just business. Trust should not exist in the modern commercial world. With the right PR, customers can be sold phony educational schemes, spoiled food, and other things with impunity. He goes on to cheat others and you are stuck with a fat legal bill, because the law defined by privileged dumbasses knows not how the world in which we peasants live.

When public opinion, potential customers, or when fraud units start investigating or threatening, the unscrupulous business owners’ close shop, file bankruptcy, bribe a banker, and start again. After the crook does this several time, he can amass a small fortune. The fraudster never forms a corporation, because he doesn’t want to be accountable to anyone. A new business are personal toys, and as such, he can do with them as he wishes. To you, it’s all game. Like the little boy was with toy armies who moved pieces around a tabletop replicating battles of historic proportions, the illusion that he can change the battle scenes to fit fantasies, and when tired, bored, angry, or just for the fun of it, sweep the board, and all the pieces fall on the floor. When some of them break, blame others. When businesses fail, blame others. When lack of ethics is pointed out, attack or blame others. Your education was focused on money and self-indulgence and you were never taught the principal of trust, ethics, human interaction plain civility. Your Circle of friends are those that placate or surrender to you and acquiesce to your perverted desires. You have never been responsible for anybody or anything. When you start a TV program, where you indulge a fantasy by firing people in public. All this fantasy is a constructed reality that no-one dare change.
Now put this person in charge of a Company, consisting of shareholders rather than friends and family. In a company the chief must answer to shareholders. He also has a Board of Directors to which he has to answer. There are certain regulatory standards that must be followed. All any corporate activities must be geared to the bottom-line interest of the shareholders, not the officers. A government is what they call a municipal corporation. The municipal corporation’s purpose is to provide for the citizens. In a business corporation, acts that don’t benefit the shareholders are subject to sanctions against the executives. If they do not look out for the benefit of the shareholders, it is negligent and subjects the directors to some form of sanction. A business corporation has a Board of Directors, generally elected by shareholders, but not necessarily, and they are in a position similar to that of a trustee. Their job is to look out for the best interests of the shareholders which oftentimes is not the best interest of management. If a corporation’s management appointed and approved by the board is wrong, it commits negligence. Likewise, in the government, decision-makers are obligated to act in the best interest of the citizenry which are the shareholders, not their own, or the chief executives. There is a difference between a person managing his own assets and those of others in a corporation
All of this is based upon centuries of customs, mores, and laws which are generally accepted by the community. Now imagine, that the shoemaker becomes the ruler of a country. And that Shoemaker defrauds the citizenry, in the same manner as he did his customers. He threatens any critics and sues them to make them pay for the when questioning him. He views the country as his own personal toy to play with as he desires. He claims to be a commander-in-chief of a military force and, as a child moves pieces on a tabletop, only his tabletop as a world. When he gets bored, is by the pieces to the ground or just walked away. Some of the pieces get broken, but so, what. Since it is a game for his amusement, he doesn’t think about replacing the broken pieces. He doesn’t think about how the pieces get placed on the board. He has no concept about how to feed his troops or prepare for war. He has no concept of war, being a part of a diplomatic strategy, but thinks of it as an end in itself. The goal is just to win, not to accomplish anything. If he wins, that is all that matters. Collateral damage is irrelevant because its only his game. If something goes wrong, it is one of his playmate’s fault, somebody made him do it, or he didn’t know it would turn out that way, even though he may have been warned. This is in the behavior of what is to be referred to as a spoiled brat.
We have as I described as the chief executive of our country. He doesn’t view himself as a Chief Executive with responsibilities to his shareholders or in this case citizenry but sees himself as the Shoemaker shop owner. Business exists for his benefit, and no one else. It is his. He can do with it as he wishes. And if somebody criticizes, he will be punished. People working for him are bullied and selected, not for their talent, but for their ability to warship their King. However, in this country. We don’t have kings. In this country, the citizens and assets belong to everyone. They do not exist for some spoiled brats to play with. The municipal corporation belongs to everyone and not just people with money.

These crime museum in Rothenberg, Germany



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