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Many of you have questioned why I posted a video about a shootout and ice cream parlor in Denver.  This is my explanation.  Since the Vietnam war came along, and I couldn’t get funding for more studies in criminology, I decided to do field work instead.  So, when contacted by some friends of my aunts who requested me to take a civil rights group as a client.  I said yes.  The group was called Italian American Civil Rights league and it was headed up by an Italian gentleman named Colombo.  Law and order were the subject of a national political campaign predicated upon both fear and prejudice.  It was reminiscent of the signs posted and windows, stating “no.  I recently did apply,” “no Italian means apply.”  There has been an underlying discrimination against these 2 groups ever since immigration occurred in this country.  These were impoverished working class people, not the types of people that had originally settled America.  They were looked down upon an isolated from admittance into genteel society by and large.

I Italian became synonymous with crime.  Since prohibition, the idea of Italians and liquor was associated with organized crime, which started out as ethnic associations with a different set of mores and values and folkways which, in the old country warrant necessarily criminal.  However, as some sociologists have stated, much crime legislation during the time of prohibition was caused by suburban Republicans, reaction to urban Democrat machine politics, and ethnic immigration

for whatever reason organized crime and decreased rapidly after prohibition and was focused primarily upon petty gambling and other activities.  It was hard to enforce antigambling laws because clubs, such as the Elks, Moose, Eagles, Legion, and Vets clubs had gaming, slot machines, punch cards, and various other things that had cash payoffs.  There was an open run casino in Central city owned and operated by a family named Smaldone.  That was pretty much the case until the election of Richard Nixon.  Then things changed.

Suddenly, to the press exposure and other campaigns, people started to be concerned about gambling.  There is also a great publicity campaign through the Kefauver and McClellan committees about Italian criminality.  This followed and was somewhat concurrent with the McCarthy committee on communism.  Things were in the state of change.  Republicans lost power to the Democrats whose Pres. was assassinated during his first term.  There was civil unrest, foreign policy unrest, and other undercurrents in the society.  People were nervous, excited, and due to the publicity of prior administrations, figure reigned.  When I was in high school, there were atomic bomb blast duck and cover drills, fire drills, and nerve gas drills.  There was a missile silo 2 miles from my house, and atomic bombs were manufactured 40 miles away.  Rather than feel safe from the feet of the month Nazis, we are all afraid of the “red menace,” to the point of irrationality.

Threats and fear were essential to keep the military – industrial complex alive and well, living and profit.  I wrote a paper before I went to law school.  Based on the premise that this country was predicated and originated on the foundation of organized crime, particularly in smuggling, such as a rum, slaves, and bounty from admiralty court seizures by privateers.

So, when I started representing the Italian community I did so from a different perspective.  I tried to be objective, collect data, evaluate, and make findings, whether or not they conformed to the public perception.  I Inc. the research into my law practice, and much to my economic disadvantage, took cases based more upon what I can learn then how much money I could make.  I didn’t make a lot of money, but I learned a lot and has a lot of in addition to meeting a lot of interesting people and gathering a diverse group of friends.

My point of view of these writings is from a sociological structural and postmodern theoretical perspective.  Part of it is influenced by government counterterrorist publications, ethnic cleansing articles, political subversion articles and other sources to me.  It is obvious that organized crime statutes are aimed at curtailing or during ethnic, mores, folkways, etc.  When the hippie movement started, it was viewed as a political movement and threatened the party line of the power structure regarding behavioral norms of dress of speech and political views, particularly in the areas of Civil Rights and foreign policy.  Therefore, much of this techniques from the school of the Americans were used by governmental agents.  Psychological warfare was waste upon the citizenry, along with large-scale media campaigns, one of the largest of which was Hill and Knowlten.  Many of Nixon’s cabinets were members of this firm.

Of course, much of what I learned and heard was of a confidential nature in the form of attorney-client privilege.  This involved individual clients.  What I discuss and right here is of a general nature of things told to me by my clients and others whom I interviewed and had conversations with.  My career, starting with hippies, drug dealers, organized crime figures, CIA assassins and operatives put me in a position that it was extremely difficult for me to tell the good guys from the bad guys because they all wanted people to believe that God was on their side.  All I’m trying to do here is to get people to think and broaden their horizons and the gestalt in which they are thinking.  I hope to stem the tide of functional Indians coming into our society and maybe bring a lot of common sense and a new point of view.  Since much of this kinds under the rubric of research, I am hopeful that you will all feel free to send me your ideas, criticisms, reflections, angry statements, trainees, and other expressions of analysis or emotions.

The picture above is a book cover about a group of my clients and their associates.  Mr. Krick was a newspaper reporter and that is the point of view of his book.  I will say, that until about the 1980s, I was interviewed.  Quite often by the press on most headlight cases in which I was involved press objectivity deteriorated and finally disappeared with the hiring of professional PR representatives for various police offices, Dist. Atty. offices, and attorney general offices.  His reporting has degenerated into reading the writing press releases from governmental agencies.  It is essentially a form of brainwashing.  I realize that many of you will believe in full shift, but that doesn’t bother me.  I can’t live the experiences and observations that I have had over my 6th decade legal career during my career.  I pulled punches on comments regarding both district attorney and judges because they tended to hold my clients hostage.  They couldn’t do anything directly to me for being critical or outspoken, but they could punish me through harsh treatment of clients.  As a lesson to me.  What I am attempting to do here is to take a headline story, and put it into perspective with other events of the day, such as bureaucratic Empire building, marketing fear by government, prosecuted an ethnic community for the sake of headlines, de facto granting immunity to the real criminals and other nefarious activity of people who are paid to serve us.

In any event, I hope you enjoy my work as much as I did, creating the State in touch with your comments, criticisms, was.

Dennis L.  Blewitt

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