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                It is extremely interesting how the public has become brainwashed to believe that we do not deserve anything, while the Rich and privileged deserve everything.  We are conditioned to believe that anything that trickle down from above his largess that we should appreciate.  We are conditioned to believe that the people that allow anything to trickle down are magnificent and generous precluding us from any criticism.

                It is time for us to wake up.  When this country first started, to escape liability, corporations were formed and allowed to exist as long as they benefited the people.  The purpose wasn’t for profit.  It was hoped that profit would occur, but the main reason for incorporating it so that an investor would only lose what he put into the venture and not his whole estate.  Initially, corporations were created to build turnpikes, canals, and other works that serve the people.  Various ventures were incorporated such as mining interests, utilities, distributors, etc. a corporation was a good way in which to develop and expand our country and incentives were given for that purpose.  For instance, the Constitution says that the government shall create and maintain post ways post offices post roads, etc.  This was a constitutional mandate to connect the country and to connect the people.  When railroads entered the picture, they are perceived as the best way to connect the country and to move people and goods around.  So, in order to finance the great cost of building roads, Congress gave Landgraf’s to the railroads to pay for the cost of the railroads.  However, after the railroads were est. and operating well and starting to get costly to maintain, railroads turned into real estate development companies, tour of the tracks and sold land profiting by the land grants contrary to the reason for them to have been granted.

                , And the main advantages of railroads were to move mail and cargo from one point to another arose had mail cars and they were contracts with the railroad to transport mail.  It was sorted on the cars and delivered at various locations.  As in Europe, roads and railroads were created for the purpose of communication, mail be in one part of it.  Later, Airlines came into being.  They were developed and subsidized by contracts to carry the mail.  It is necessary for a nation to exist as a nation to be able to communicate from region to region and person-to-person and group to group.  However, there seems to be a conscious effort to sabotage that: to about to divide and conquer; to so dissension; to promote isolation is him, thus fragmenting our society.  It seems to be working. 

Propagandist have been trying for decades to blacken government mischaracterizing democratic functioning as inefficient inefficiency.  We have been conditioned to believe that a government as the enemy interfering with all kinds are greedy bastards, who want to make a profit at our expense.  We are taught to believe that is better for an entity, like Raytheon to reap billions and profits for Rich people who can invest rather than provide for a workforce which now is viewed as expendable.  Even in the Middle Ages, the nobility had an obligation to the peasantry.  Enterprise is destroyed that.  Commerce is destroyed that, leaving as in a state of nature referred to as Neal liberalism, where money and economy counts, but people and civilization don’t.  We are now not even afforded the status of surfs.

                If you look at Europe, there are old buildings preserved through the ages and still in.  My grandfather’s church in England, for instance, was built by Saxon’s in the year.  850.  It still in use.  There are many castles and large edifices in Europe that are decaying, but there are also many that are still functioning and used.  The Europeans didn’t have the luxury of throwing a thing that he didn’t need because they were plentiful.  They had to conserve and reuse things, not only raw material, but people.  However, in this country, we could import immigrants and use them or consume them at will, readily replacing them with others.  While I don’t feel I’m expendable.  I don’t believe that people should soil so that others can sit on their assess in a comfortable fashion, supported by the blood, sweat, and tears, of the people.  Our elected leaders are whoring themselves to the ruling Elite, allowing the citizenry to become ill and maybe even die corporations who can raise money by issuing stock selling assets or loans are getting subsidized while waiters, bartenders, tradespeople, construction workers and other laborers are allowed to suffer, starve, lose their housing, and contract plague I suppose I would feel differently if I perceived in the guilt or embarrassment by these people.  But I see no evidence of such all my sense is a sense of entitlement that was there is theirs and what’s hours is theirs for the taking.  I don’t think we the people of the United States should eat cake because there is no bread.  I honestly believe that if they don’t want to share, they don’t deserve to be members of society and should live beyond the bounds of society in a state of nature.  I believe they should be held up to ridicule and abuse, and forced to wear masks like sheets and greedy people that in the Middle Ages

                I don’t think reparations should be only for blacks brought here as slaves, but anyone brought here in a state of certitude.  This is not a racial matter, but a class matter an economic matter, the Rich would just as soon spread liability to a whole race or culture in which they can hire people to get them out of their obligation and impose the obligation on those who can least afford.  They ignore those that may have benefited, they should pay, they got Rich taking our resources from the ground, leaving us with the tab for cleanup.  They consolidate and make things efficient for the sake of profit only, neglecting what is good for the society in general.  I read in the paper about this crook or that crook making millions of dollars from foreign governments for selling our country out or screwing the citizenry, or other heinous things which the privilege class get away with. Society does not exist for the benefit of the privileged, but for the people I say enough is enough.

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