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Over the universe, been conditioned thinking from the red and blue, black or White, right or wrong, and others. The companies imposed on us by educators. The press is divided, with the baseball about Pres. Trump. Bull shit, it is about an ideological divide in our population. Not about politics, power. Rich have it, won’t give it up. They have controlled the media propaganda on an unconscionable level. They want us to believe that government is a competitive event between 2 teams. Both teams play the same game, and that is a contest as a Champion. However, the game is rigged.
In his self-praising, lie-filled press conferences and through his actions, Donald Trump continues to treat an ongoing pandemic that has already killed over 10,000 Americans as just another opportunity for weaponizing government into a tool for his own self-aggrandizement. His refusals to acknowledge the pandemic as it spread are responsible for a large number of those deaths and will be responsible for more. He remains absolutely indifferent to who lives or dies, instead obsessing over whether he gets proper praise, credit, and glory. Case in point: his tweet this morning.
“Will be immediately sending 100 Ventilators to Colorado at the request of Senator Gardner!” Trump tweeted. What he’s not saying: His shuddering and incompetent administration previously commandeered 500 ventilators that Colorado had ordered for itself. Now he’ll be giving them only one-fifth of those machines.
There are numerous problems with Trump’s brag here. Trump is giving credit for his decision to send ventilators to up-for-reelection Republican Sen. Cory Gardner—but Trump had previously ignored the requests of the state’s Democratic governor, instead now clearly suggesting that his decision was based on the politics of the person asking. Trump has done this before, last year crediting Sen. Thom Tillis for his decision to declare a national disaster in North Carolina after Hurricane Dorian rather than any of the other state officials begging for the same. Tillis was in a tough reelection battle, as Gardner is now; Trump’s use of national disasters to reward patrons and damage enemies, regardless of what lives he endangers, is apace with his half-authoritarian, half-stupidity-based willingness to use all the rest of government as similar slush fund.
But bragging about relinquishing a mere hundred ventilators to Colorado after his government seized five times that number out from under Colorado—that is, if possible, lower.
Last week, CNN reported that Colorado had ordered 500 of the devices, but the manufacturer canceled their order—along with “many” other orders—when Federal Emergency Management Agency officials moved in to buy the same equipment themselves. “States aren’t just competing for ventilators with other states, but also with FEMA,” said CNN’s quoted “congressional source.”
On Friday, Colorado Gov. Jared Polis confirmed the canceled order. “Either work with us, or don’t do anything at all,” he told CNN host Don Lemon. “But this middle ground where they’re buying stuff out from under us, and not telling us what we’re going to get, that’s really challenging to manage our hospital surge and the safety of our health care workers in that kind of environment.”
We still do not know just what, to put it bluntly, the hell the Trump administration is doing in its bizarre procurement efforts. The administration did not make any major attempts to procure emergency medical supplies until just weeks ago, despite the critical urgency and known shortages. After national outrage swelled to levels that could no longer be ignored, Trump’s team (led, in some as-of-yet-inexplicable manner, by Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner) sought to “solve” the problem by reaching down into supply chains to seize materials being procured by states and hospitals themselves—doing nothing to solve the problem of short supply, but helping to further raise prices and spark bidding wars.
For Trump to brag, in the middle of that half-fiasco, half-malevolent clusterf–k, that he is graciously providing a fraction of the supplies his government prevented a state from getting in the first place, is … typical. For Trump, it is typical. We also cannot simply take him at his word that those 100 ventilators will arrive in Colorado; he has lied repeatedly over near-identical things, and will continue to do so.
The 10,000 American deaths and rising have had no impact on him. The depression-level scale of unemployment, as botched testing and slow response led to a need for nationwide stay-at-home orders, have had no impact on him. His metrics remain the same: Which things make him look good, on his television set? Which make him look bad?
He envisions himself as hero-emperor of a crisis of his own making. He will reward his allies, and punish his enemies. Whether 400 missing ventilators will result in deaths does not enter his mind. The supposed United States president hasn’t shown any concern over whether Americans lived or died from the first days of the crisis onward. He pretended it was not happening until he could no longer pretend. He insisted it would be small and trivial until it was large and catastrophic. He says now it will be short, when it is absolutely assured to be long.
And he tweets, and holds the most bizarre press conferences the White House has ever seen in any era, demanding praise and making threats towards reporters, lawmakers, and elected officials who decline to provide it. To help his political allies, he rubbed Colorado of 500 ventilators, and provided 100 back to us, crediting ally Cory Gardner. That is like the robber offering 30 percent of his theft to the owners as long as they thank the accomplices.
Many are so caught up in the him, and the rules, that they don’t see what the game is, it’s about, its object or the winners and losers. What we are seeing, it is an abandonment of all social mores, ethics and discipline. 4 decades, we have been fighting amongst ourselves. As we find, the division between Rich and poor increases geometrically. As we fight, the Rich Goetz richer, better able to exploit and destroy their estimates. Many tools are you place this, but the main tool is the one of divisiveness. Divided on a single issue to the point where nothing else, been thought a skewed form of history, and have lost our capacity to think or analyze. Since show a different point.
We are told the enemy is communism, which is defined as anything that the Rich do not like and that interferes with their capacity to screw the peasantry. Hospitals, where developed in the 12th century during the crusades. It was considered their duty of a church’s order to establish hospitals throughout Europe in the Christian Empire. That didn’t charge to use these hospitals and they were set up to make profits. They were set up to help people and to heal people and were used extensively during the bubonic plague. Nobody dared profit for fairer of retribution, ostracism or worse. At that time, there was a sense of polity or public, which has been taken from us. Now, the Rich tell us that treating people who are ill or injured is an enterprise in which somebody should profit and without any profits, and socialistic or communistic. The Young thinking peasantry doesn’t understand that to call such treatment Communist is the same as calling the whole Roman Catholic Church communistic, which is insane. The Communist church, the ruling Elite in power, however, with certain balances so that they could stay in power.
(Next, the lessons Rottenburg.)

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