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I have practiced law for 4 decades, was a judge, candidate for DA, defense attorney, writer, University teacher, co-founder of Double Helix Films, Home Music Channel, and many other business entities. I was board chairman of Lexicor Medical Technologies, and board member of WAVI, Inc. . I am interested in the CIA’s involvement in Drug trafficing and other forms of corruption

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Monday, March 25, 2019

This question recently was brought to mind by a clerk in sandwich shop. To me, it is one of the great ministries of our time. I was recently in a sandwich shop near where I live. The shop is part of a small chain started by an acquaintance of mine in Boulder. It is staffed by college age young people who like their music. In fact, they like it so well that it is very difficult for patrons of the business to hear anything or have a conversation. However, the employees seem oblivious to the situation.
I went into the establishment today at lunch time to buy a sandwich. I got some potato chips and the soft drink and sat down waiting for someone to call me to pick up my order. A customer would go to the counter, placed his order, pay for the order, and sit down awaiting its preparation, which I did. After sitting an inordinate amount of time, a customer came over and asked me if I had ordered a brisket sandwich. I had I told him, and he informed me that it was at the counter. I went to the counter and told the employee that one of their customers had told me that my order was ready. He looked at me and said to mean, I called out four times that the order was ready,” looking and treating as though I were the village idiot. I explained with music level is high as it was, I didn’t hear him. Rather than apologize, he looked at me rather disdainfully stating, “I called it out for times.”
For some reason, his explanation and consummate arrogance minority. So, I walked away before I exited establishment, I decided that I would register a complaint. I went back to the order taker and explained that I was not happy that the employee blame me for not being able to hear
his announcement that my sandwich was ready. The response was a blank stare finally to the person who called out to sandwich in said that I thought it was a knowing that I was blamed for not hearing the sandwich announcement with the music blurring so hard which I believe was reasonable considering that there should be no doubt that I was a septuagenarian. A coworker was standing next to that I was to find out later was a manager. When my comment received a shrug, I expressed the opinion to the employee that I thought he was “fucking rude.” At that point the other gentlemen, claiming to be the manager, said he was calling the police because I used profanity toward his employee. It seemed to have made his day that a 20-year-old manager could threaten an old man with calling the police. I told him to go ahead and call them since I didn’t believe I had committed a criminal offense. Meanwhile the subject of me not receiving I sandwich had yet to be addressed. Apparently, twice the post pubescent manager ordered me to leave which is the prerequisite for involving police.
I became more and more annoyed with the situation as I left the facility. I could not understand how the employee could believe it was my fault that I couldn’t hear my order being called and the manager didn’t feel he should apologize for the fact that I didn’t get my sandwich. The more I thought about it, the more annoyed I got at the manager threatened for BN dissatisfied and threatened me with police action. So back to the original question, was there a sound or did the tree even fall?
Why does a whole generation of citizens feel they are entitled to be offended by people getting upset with their go to hell attitude? What is there about the culture, society, or upbringing that causes them to blame others for their own shortcomings? I really don’t feel it is my fault that it is somewhat difficult for me to hear at my age. I really don’t believe it’s my fault for getting frustrated and angry pending $15 for a sandwich that I didn’t get. Why did the employee think that by informing me that he had called out for times announcing the sandwich, that this excused
his conduct or lack of concern for a customer? Why was she so gleeful putting an old man in his place, and threatening a customer of police action because he just been ripped off for almost $20 by the shop? What someone please explain.Posted by Dennis Blewitt at 5:18 PMNo comments: 

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Dont let a little pneumonia stop you

Many of you have wondered why I have been so silent recently. It is not for lack of subject matter, it is because I’ve had a rather long bout of illness due to MRSA migrating to various parts of my system. Needless to say, this weakened me quite a bit. When I thought I was through with the illnesses, I decided to get implants for teeth. After going through much pain and torture, the equivalent of having a gang of bikers worked me over with chains I decided to take a trip to lower altitude to recover.
The news, being ultra-depressive, was not helping my disposition any. So, to be able to fight more effectively in the future, we took off for the Mediterranean. Right before that I did a brief television appearance in Las Vegas and, when recuperated flew to Barcelona Spain where we took an MS cruise ship through various tops to Malta and back to Barcelona. During that trip my body decided to reject the implants. After a rather painful amount of time, and lots of Percodan, I recovered. I am now on a transatlantic crossing from Barcelona to Fort Lauderdale. For some reason, I didn’t look too healthy to the staff and they put me in quarantine for a day. I decided to take the transit planning trip to catch up on my writing. I bought an Internet package for the ship to stay in touch with people, which I have yet to get working. In the meantime, I would like you all to reread the Constitution and as you justice Cavanaugh said hearings he is a strict constructionist on the Constitution. Now remember all the politicians elected to office take an oath to support and defend the Constitution.
With that in mind read about the declaration of war. It provides that only Congress can declare war. Through what I believe to be gross negligence or even treasonous conduct Congress has delegated that to the present, which is dereliction of duty in the least. Congress is allowing a renegade Runaway president to run roughshod over the Constitution. He asked like a king or a dictator modeled after it all Hitler. The president believes that as commander in chief of the Armed Forces you can use them as toy soldiers as he pleased. The problem is, there are other parts of the presidency that has nothing to do with for power. He doesn’t care, because no one has enough balls to stand up to him in his party.  In some countries, this type of behavior would have resulted in the breaking out of the guillotine. However, we’re civilized. Secondly, with tax cuts we have given the rich enough extra money to buy off our government.
When I get a better, I will start writing again and attempting to analyze what the hell is happening to our country. Meanwhile I have been reading many for newspapers and other publications, where it has been written that Americans are complete fools and idiots, which I find personally embarrassing.
Thank you very much for your support and I hope that I can continue my work as in the past.

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Sunday, July 22, 2018


       Most people don’t realize how law has been sabotaged over the last half century.  Even more don’t realize how corporate America has benefitted from this change.  Unfortunately, most people don’t care.  They are fiddling while their country burns, and the people bled dry, like slaughtered animals in a slaughterhouse.   These changes came about partly because of marketing fear by the government. The biggest change was due to the implementation of the war on drugs, a law devised by the Nixon administration to keep protesters and other radicals in line.
With the advent of that law, there was a radical power shift whole legal system conferring greater powers upon the executive branch, manifesting in the increase of power given prosecutors. This power shift caused population jails to increase geometrically and prompted suggestions to make more people keep guilty, thereby making courts more efficient. One such efficiency was built.
When I first started practicing law I could generally arrange to have a client admitted to bail within 2 or 3 hours of receiving a call by a client. I would receive a call from a client or someone on the client’s behalf, interview the client in jail, discussed payments, and contact a bail bondsman. There was a bonding schedule at the jail and the jailer was commissioned as a deputy court clerk. Rarely did it take more than 3 hours to spring a client. The police and prosecutors started a propaganda campaign in which they described the process as an affront to the police because prisoners were tipped custody after arrest. Although the police knew or should have known that the right to bail guaranteed by the Constitution and it has been around for 800 years, they still the that it was a total insult to their Nabors. Police adopted a vigilante nature, starting to view the Constitution as an enemy to effective law was.
This was accelerated with the US Supreme Court started to discuss the obligation of the states to provide basic process deciding what aspects of Constitution applied to the State Board’s officials. Particularly irksome areas that will legally searching citizens, the confessions of arrestees, requiring probable cause for the issuance of low search warrant for making a search, guaranteeing the right to counsel and other fundamental concepts and around since Magna Carta. Police were relatively easy to influence by politicians because of their fellow status and disdain the citizenry. There was a war going on. There were demonstrations. There were riots in cities. Young people were showing unpatriotic behavior by resisting the draft and protesting a war. They thought was unfair and illegal. The Constitution was pretty much being a more I Congress, relinquishing its declaration of war Powers the executive branch, and yielding to the desired of military industrial complex. Incidents were manufactured use of military force. And protesters were starting to be received as unpatriotic or, in some cases even treasonous.
This resulted in bitter strife between generations, exploited and divisibility by the next frustration. The government marketed fear. Advertising agencies devised a series of law and order shows such as FBI, O’Hara, Treasury Department, and other pro-police propaganda shows.  These were designed to counteract such things as police brutality at conventions, Buddhists monks burning themselves, and the rumors of soldiers committing atrocities and returning home addicted to heroin. Law and order played will became a political basis for many political campaigns. Efficiency was preached the ignorant and appealed to the citizenry bearing the burden of war costs. To strengthen that point, and will shortage was contrived making people more anxious after the fighting stopped in Vietnam.  Very few people questioned why there was a shortage of fuel after a war in which soldiers commuted daily by helicopter and B-52 bombers made daily runs between Manilla, Philippines and Thailand. The end result of reform during this era was to increase the time and arrest the arrestee spent in confinement increased by a factor of 35. This caused prison populations and jail populations to geometrically increase, setting the stage for the introduction I to what the centuries had been a State function. 
Thus, in a maneuver in which 8 centuries of precedent was overturned and a common law system replaced by system based a Napoleonic code which enabled corporations take a predatory stance, exploiting people could not fight back with defend themselves and, in the process, implement one of the most regressive form is taxation manageable by passing on the cost of privatization to who can least afford it.  Governmental functions would turn over to private corporate interests, passing the costs of the taxpayer’s. Imprisonment for debt, abolished centuries ago, became the new norm. All the sudden programs, which had been province of the taxpayers were implemented to replace jails, probation services, counseling services and the myriad other predatory ways in which business can’t screw the poor.  The government had become privatized. Privatized companies needed profits to stay in business and these profits had to come from somewhere. And, since the businesses promised savings to the taxpayers p profits and to be derived somewhere. So, logically, people suffer looted by stupid politicians that his type of system is good for the country and our system of government
One of the more innovative with the introduction of the ankle bracelets. Bond was no longer a vehicle to guarantee the person’s appearance in court. A Napoleonic form of preventive detention was implemented, where my lease promote institution be conditioned upon behavior and superstitious of the Judiciary. No longer were accused’s fair presumed to be innocent.  They were all considered a danger unless they could show otherwise. Detention hearings usually and whereby judges not learned in the law is provided for in Magna Carta parroted ideas of Napoleonic code and its extreme form of martial law.
The respect for precedent or stare decisis, became acquainted anachronism. Judges no longer engaged in the business of fairness, but instead engaged in the protection racket to the prison industrial complex.  Another flagrant violation by a scared Judiciary indoctrinated to worship of business was the privatization of telephone services involved in the judicial – jail process. Private companies supply phone service to constitutions and corporate price, causing the poor who have relative and no institutions to pay an exorbitant amount for telephone calls.  Thus, the poor, can’t afford bond are taxed by predatory corporations who can extract tribute from people who are incarcerated by order of the State. Additionally, although the Constitution provides for an attorney’s client confidentiality, juries are one of the conversation and he are not can be monitored and by implication, shared with law enforcement personnel. This is an egregious affront to justice and our constitutional traditions, which have been ignored or violated by prosecutors and judges, acquiesced to by gutless, greedy lawyers lack principals, fortitude or respect for centuries of precedent and tradition.
As long as the government markets fear like Procter and Gamble markets soap, you got to be walked over and tramples by powerful interests. It is almost impossible stop this judgment not with an ignorance population spurred on by a greedy power structure is disappointing and tragic that their residual lack or leadership in the third branch of government, which is opposed to be independent but, instead, shows subservience to other branches of government allow the implementation and rise of a will or will of the police State. It is time to wake up. It is time to be out it is time to replace weak kneed politicians more interested in their social standing and economic well-being that they are in fulfilling their oaths of office.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

IS THERE A DIVINE RIGHT OF Kings, or is he full of shit?

S THERE A DIVINE RIGHT OF Kings, or is he full of shit?            Since high school, I have been a student of Magna Carta, its history and content.  I visited an original at Salisbury Cathedral in England.  My particular interest in the document and the event is that one of my ancestors was forced at sword point to agree to it and sign it by a bunch of rebellious Barons.  Of course, he had his fingers crossed while doing so (maybe the origin of the “king’s X.”  In any event, after disingenuously signing it, he went running to the pope to have the contract declared null and void.  The pope obliged, and the king went on a rampage to subdue and punish dissent, using the divine right of kings as justification.Now that king was a total ass-hole.  While his brother, King Richard was returning from a crusade, he was captured in Germany and held for ransom.  John, regent at that time refused to pay, allowing him to continue ruling and oppressing his people.  When he was finally made king, John continued his dictatorial and greedy ways until his barons said “enough,” which brought about the rebellion at Runnymede where King John signed the Magna Carta.  Embodied in that document were the concepts of due process of law and equal protection of the law, as well as some rules minimizing the ways in which he could screw his people.  Additionally, he had to agree to appoint judges learned in the law instead of rubber stamp judges.  King John invoked the divine right of Kings every time he caused harm to one of his subjects.The document has had many revisions throughout history, but the concepts remain the same.  It formed the basis of our Constitution, 6 centuries later.  One of the most important and long-lasting provisions, other than trial by jury, is the right to due process of law.  That concept, which has been with us for centuries is being ignored by the modern version of King John.  Somehow, the ignoramus became President, and in a spectacular display of ignorance or arrogance has called for the abolition of due process for immigrants.  Like Hitler, he expects judges rubber stamp his policies or be abolished.  I am personally insulted that he thinks the people are so stupid or self-centered to go along with this blatant disregard for tradition, law and decency.  His “lock her up” mantra is appearing more and more insane.However, since history tends to repeat itself, I have some hope.  While my ancestor traveled about the country punishing his enemies he contracted dysentery.  I believe that he was so full of shit that divine intervention sent a message to despots.  On the way back to London, he lost the crown jewels in a swamp and died from dysentery.  At least he wasn’t full of shit anymore.  The London Telegraph,during the 800th anniversary stated the following:John’s offences are almost too numerous to list. In the first place, he was treacherous: when his older brother, Richard the Lionheart, was away on crusade, John attempted to seize the throne by plotting with the king of France, Philip Augustus, prompting contemporaries to damn him as “a mad-headed youth” and “nature’s enemy”. He was also lecherous: several nobles are reported to have taken up arms against him because he had forced himself on their wives and daughters.Most of all, John was shockingly cruel. In a chivalrous age, when aristocrats spared their enemies, capturing them rather than killing them, John preferred to do away with people by grisly means. On one occasion, for example, he ordered 22 captive knights to be taken to Corfe Castle in Dorset and starved to death. Another time he starved to death the wife and son of his former friend, William de Briouze. In 1203 he arranged the murder of his own nephew and rival for power, Arthur of Brittany. Marc Morris is the author of King John: Treachery, Tyranny and the Road to Magna Carta

            As you have probably surmised, I am not proud of my ancestor.  In fact, I am embarrassed.  My grandfather taught me about most of our ancestors, the names of the sails on the tall ships and how to be a fair master.  None of which was very practical, but interesting nonetheless.  Upon analysis, our president isn’t the greatest danger to our country and its form of government.  Our greatest danger to our country is ignorance.  How else could we have such a president, sponsored by an enemy state and preferring fascist heads of state to democratic ones.  The Greeks used ostracism against miscreants.  I believe that is necessary and for decades, I have advocated this practice when dealing with “white collar” criminals.  However, not only did they ostracize, they were notable scholars and teachers.  Both are needed.  Shun evil but educate ignorance.  Continue expressing disdain and anger against an administration that would become a dictatorship.  Correct the attorney general for his misleading, stupid interpretation of the Bible.  Get angry.  Get involved.  School the ignorant.

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