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After visiting with Dennis Blewitt last week and reading his latest
post on Facebook, I’ve concluded that Dennis is back. Back doing what
Dennis does best, making sense out of chaos even though he may have
caused the chaos to begin with. Dennis began his legal career in the
late sixties just as Boulder began the magical mystery tour. His
tactics were not textbook jurisprudence but they worked for me and
many others.
In the seventies I was criminally charged by the IRS. Nine months
later, the investigating agent handed me a check for $485 for my
overpaid income tax. The agent said “He sure eats at a lot at fancy
restaurants,” to which Dennis Blewitt said, “He has a lot of friends
and he’s fun to be with.”
Dennis is often rumored to be a model for the Gonzo lawyer from “Fear
and Loathing” fame. Perhaps a wobbly resemblance for I have never
known Dennis to partake in the lifestyle, God forbid. He represented
me and my confederates with unorthodox and amazing results.
I asked Dennis if it was is true about being the Gonzo lawyer and he
answered me in his nonsensical way. So I filed it away under I’ll
never know. Years later, I asked Hunter Thompson the same question,
and he answered the same way as Dennis and said, “Ask Dennis.”
That file was opened up again last year when I saw Dennis on an
episode of the Pawn Stars TV show when turning down a great deal of
money for the notebook used by Hunter S. Thompson in writing the book
”Songs of the Doomed.”
I’m writing this to make amends to Mr. Blewitt for believing it was he
who leaked the grand jury information to Brian Abbas and the Westwood
magazine. The rag, I mean magazine, featured the cover story titled
“George Bush’s Drug Problem”. The article represented the worst
display of sensationalism and yellow journalism ever written on a
toilet seat.
I was exonerated by the grand jury not indicted. But I was convicted
in the public eye by Westword. The result was the demise of Sun-Flo
and my idea to reduce world hunger. It started my downward spiral and
filled me with pity and negativity. It is my hope that those of us
affected by Dennis’s actions over the years will search out those dark
corners of their minds and transmit them to me so I can assemble them
and give them to Dennis before the Spooks get him.

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